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What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables devices to exchange data over very short distances. It allows for quick and convenient communication between devices and is used in a variety of applications.

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NFC Tags Used at Home

Bedside Use | Automatic Device and Messaging

After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is rest quietly without the distraction of your phone. By applying a silent mode and automatic reply message setting on your bedside table with NFC bubble stickers, you can ensure a peaceful night’s sleep while also reassuring your family that they can reach you if needed.

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Kitchen | Accessing Recipes

Have you ever come across interesting recipes or dessert-making processes that you would like to try for a tasty treat during your downtime?

However, the excitement to prepare these dishes is sometimes diminished by forgetting the steps. Embedding the recipe URL into an NFC tag sticker allows you to simply tap and follow the video instructions to cook like a pro when the mood strikes.

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Easy WiFi Connection

Whether entertaining guests at home or managing a shop, constantly providing WiFi passwords can be tiresome and error-prone, especially in busy or noisy environments. By storing the password on an Ntag213 NFC tag, your guests can effortlessly and quickly connect to the network by simply scanning the tag.

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Using NFC Tags for Travelling

Customized Customer Journey Support | Information Sharing


Place rugged NFC tags at travel destinations, allowing users to tap the tag with their phone and immediately access relevant information and recommendations about local attractions. Instead of aimlessly wandering, this makes it easier to explore and enjoy local cuisine and scenery. 

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Convenient Navigation


NFC tags can provide instant navigation information to specific destinations. With a simple tap on the tag, users can obtain navigation details, avoiding getting lost or wasting time. Even without local familiarity, users can gain a better understanding of the surroundings. 

Personalized Recommendations


Through NFC tags, travel agencies or attractions can recommend specific activities, restaurants, or sights tailored to the preferences and needs of the visitors, enhancing their overall travel experience and providing more choices for exploration. 

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Exclusive Offers and Discounts


NFC tags can also provide visitors with exclusive coupons and discount details, offering personalized travel benefits and updates on ongoing activities and promotions. NFC review cards and stands let your shop get more 5 stars rating.

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NFC Tags Using in Car

During driving, NFC tags can enable convenient operations within the vehicle. Here’s how NFC improves your driving experience:


Making Calls


Clever placement of epoxy NFC tags in the car allows for hands-free calling with a simple touch of the phone, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Sending Text Messages


NFC tags in the car can trigger the sending of preset messages, allowing communication without the need to handle the phone while driving.

Disturbance Control


Through NFC tags, users can easily switch between different disturbance control settings, such as activating silent notifications or activating the “Do Not Disturb” mode, helping reduce potential distractions while driving.



Placing NFC sticker tags in the car provides instant access to navigation applications, allowing easy destination input without multiple layers of phone interaction.


Music Control


NFC tag stickers can be utilized to manage the music system, allowing quick adjustments to favorite playlists or audio settings with a light tap of the phone on the tag.

Health and Home with NFC Tags


Timed Laundry and Alarms


NFC technology can assist in reminding you when the laundry is done. By setting up NFC fob tags, you can easily connect your washing machine to a smartphone or other device. 

Once the laundry is completed, the machine sends a notification to your phone, prompting you to attend to the laundry in a timely manner. This convenient reminder feature allows for better time management and ensures timely handling of laundry.

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Emergency Assistance for the Elderly and Children


In scenarios where the elderly or children need to send emergency distress signals, printed NFC sticker tags can serve as a convenient and swift solution. You can set up NFC tags to contain emergency contact information, such as sending emergency distress messages or making phone calls to family members.

In emergency situations, a simple tap of the NFC tag can send an SOS message, providing additional security for your loved ones. This simple yet effective application can help the elderly or children receive timely assistance when facing danger.

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Work Environment Using NFC Tags

Meeting Setup


In a work environment, NFC plastic card can assist with adjusting your phone settings during meetings. You can preset NFC tags to activate a meeting mode, automatically putting your phone on silent mode, disabling notification alerts, or adjusting brightness. This helps you stay focused during meetings and ensures efficient communication.

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Using NFC Pet Tags and Plant Care

Contact and Medical Information Storage


NFC pet tags can store essential contact details, medical history, and emergency information for pets, allowing for quick access to critical information in emergencies. If your pet goes missing, someone can quickly contact you, as the NFC pet tag acts as an identification card for your pet while also recording your contact information.

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Care and Vaccine Records


NFC tags can be used to track and store care methods, schedules, and vaccine records for pets and plants, ensuring their health is effectively managed and monitored. This helps to provide your pets and plants with a healthy and happy life.

NFC Tags for Retail and Events

Reviews and Ratings


Do you know why some businesses have a high number of reviews and great ratings on Google? They may be using NFC Google review cards and stands. 

Before customers leave, they are prompted to give a five-star review with a simple tap, without needing to download an app. It’s a quick and easy way to garner positive feedback. Consider implementing this for your store as well.

ISO Standard Cr80 Tap Google Review Cards

Brand Authentication and Information


Protect your brand from counterfeit products with NFC tags that secure your customers’ rights. Only authorized NFC UID numbers can be found in your system, ensuring that counterfeit products are easily identified.

Wedding Invitations


Add an NFC card printed with photos to your wedding invitations to record and share your beautiful moments and romantic story with your friends and family. This can lead to more heartfelt blessings and keep these special memories in your online space.


NFC Supermarket Applications


Want to know why certain products sell well in your supermarket? Understand the reasons behind their popularity by viewing customer feedback. 

Each product can have a matching NFC label, allowing customers to see online reviews before making a purchase and providing valuable insights for future inventory decisions.

NFC Electronic Tickets


Use NFC electronic tickets for quick and convenient access to events or transportation services. This seamless process eliminates the need for physical tickets, reduces wait times, and improves overall user experience.

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Quick App Access


Enable customers to quickly open your app without having to search through a long list of apps, ultimately increasing usage rates.

Other Applications

NFC Keychain


Access Control and Memos: With NFC technology integrated into your keychain, you can personalize its use in various ways. You can encode access control data for quick entry, or encode memos and to-do lists, ensuring that no detail disrupts your plans.


Bluetooth Pairing


Are you tired of the tedious process of searching and pairing your Bluetooth speaker with your phone every time? NFC micro tags can simplify this process. Just bring your phone near the NFC tag, and your devices can pair quickly without these cumbersome steps.

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NFC Business Cards


Say goodbye to dull paper business cards. NFC business cards offer a convenient and modern way to share contact information. With an NFC business card, you can simply tap it on someone’s smartphone to instantly share your contact details, website links, social media profiles, or any other information stored on the card. 

This streamlines interpersonal connections and information exchange, eliminating the need for manual data entry or QR code scanning. Additionally, NFC business cards can support dynamic content, allowing you to remotely update the information on the card to ensure your contacts always have access to your latest details.


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NFC Web Link


When you want your customers or users to learn more about your products, printing more content may not be sufficient to convey the complete message. Limited printing space may hinder a vivid presentation to your audience. 

NFC tags allow your users to easily access your product website. They no longer need to manually type lengthy URLs and can view a combination of text, images, and videos. You can also continually update the latest information for them. 


Gym NFC Access Control


When you go to the gym, you naturally don’t want to carry too many things. The NFC wristband allows you to enter and exit various equipment rooms simply by approaching them, without the need to constantly prepare to take out a key.


NFC Payments


Have you ever felt frustrated at a pool or water park because you couldn’t shop due to not being able to carry a wallet? 

With NFC payments, you can easily make secure and convenient transactions using your smartphone or wearable device, without cash or a bank card. This means you can enjoy all activities without worrying about carrying cash or getting your wallet wet.


Social Media Sharing


Integrate your offline customers with your online presence in a more organic way. Embed social media account information into NFC socail tags and place them on your windows or tables. 

Through social media sharing, allow your customers easy access to and interaction with your social media profiles, deepening your connection with them and expanding your online influence.



NFC Nail


Combining beauty and technology, NFC nails not only provide stunning nail artwork but also incorporate LED lights and NFC functionality. They are definitely a hot item at parties and events, adding a futuristic and interactive touch to your look.




If you are an educational institution or training organization, don’t miss out on such a creative way of promotion. Embed NFC technology into pens and distribute them to your potential customers. 

They certainly won’t casually discard them, but “Tap here NFC” must be obvious, allowing them to stay updated on your latest developments at all times. 


NFC Smart Posters


Have you ever thought about how difficult it is for customers to remember your brand just by quickly glancing at a large poster, especially when they need to be constantly changed with each season or time, without fully conveying the message you want to showcase? 

By creating NFC posters, your potential customers can simply scan to directly access your website, allowing them to save it for further exploration. You can also update the content you want to display on the website at any time.


NFC Gaming


Applying NFC technology in games can offer exciting possibilities and enhance the gaming experience. By using NFC-enabled dolls, cards, or accessories, players can unlock new in-game content, access additional levels or features, and even seamlessly transfer data between different gaming platforms. 

This technology can also enable interactive gaming experiences with physical items, bringing new levels of immersion and interactivity to the gaming world. Additionally, NFC can be used for secure and convenient in-game payments and shopping, adding a new dimension to the gaming experience.


NFC Boxes


Whether at home or in a factory, a lot of items are typically stored in boxes or containers, requiring them to be opened one by one when searching for something. However, by attaching an NFC tag to each box, you no longer need to physically search. A simple scan with an NFC-enabled phone will reveal the contents, saving time and physical effort. 

NFC App Lock

NFC lock clocking only requires the use of an app, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing the key. As long as you have your phone, you can quickly open it. You can also share the key code with your family members and remotely control the opening.


Home Automation | Lighting and Appliance Management

NFC home automation can be applied to manage lighting and other household appliances. By integrating NFC into your home setup, you can control and automate various aspects such as switching lights, adjusting thermostats, and managing entertainment systems with a simple touch or swipe of an NFC-enabled device. This enhances convenience, energy efficiency, and modernizes your interaction with the home environment.

Doorbell Control

Additionally, NFC can be integrated with doorbell settings, allowing you to use NFC to silence the doorbell once you’ve heard it ring. This not only lets guests know that you’re on your way to answer the door, but also spares you the continual ringing of the doorbell.

NFC tags offer practical applications in various aspects of daily life, encompassing personal, travel, health, work, home automation, pet care, retail, and event-related needs. As NFC technology continues to gain widespread application with the advancement of the internet, feel free to contact us if you need to customize your NFC tag projects.

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