Custom Hotel RFID Key Cards from ZBTECH, China's Premier RFID Key Card Manufacturer

  • Customize Your Hotel RFID Key Cards with Your Brand Logo
  • Purchase Hotel Key Cards in Bulk Directly from the Supplier in China
  • Wholesale Prices to Maximize Savings on RFID Hotel Room Keys
custom rfid hotel cards

Customize Unique and Innovative RFID Key Cards for Hotels & Resorts

We offer top-selling 1K classic RFID key cards compatible with various lock systems such as Onity, Salto, Saflok, Dormakaba, and more. Regardless of the RFID hotel key card system you use, we are experts in providing you with suitable RFID key cards.

As a manufacturer, we specialize in creating personalized RFID key cards for hotels and resorts, featuring branded logos. Additionally, you can choose from different materials, including plastic key cards, wood bamboo hotel keys, and silicone wristbands, which are commonly used in hotels.

Custom RFID hotel key cards bring much convenience and safety for hotels, let your clients have a good experience, and introduce more customers. RFID hotel key card manufacturing for independent hotels is workable here.

plastic hotel key cards

Plastic NFC Hotel Key Cards

Plastic RFID hotel key cards are normal and cost-effective, used for most hotels. Plastic hotel cards are waterproof and reusable, durable, and flexible.


Wooden /Bamboo Hotel RFID Cards

To improve the level of your hotel key cards, some hotels prefer sustainable wooden/bamboo RFID cards, they are looked special and unique, which stands for the brand.


Silicone Hotel RFID Tags

If your hotel provides a swimming pool or sauna room, do not hesitate to apply silicone hotel RFID tags, wearable and soft, let your customers totally relax, and not worry about missing their key cards.

Why choose ZBTech for your RFID hotel key cards?

Quality guaranteed

Experienced & friendly

Quick lead-time

Provide hotel cards & card coats

custom hotel key cards

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How do RFID hotel cards work?

RFID hotel cards work in conjunction with RFID locks. When an RFID card or proximity card is brought close to the lock, the lock sends a signal. 

Only when the card’s ID matches with the lock, the door can be opened. This process allows for secure and efficient access control in hotel environments.

rfid hotel key cards

Benefits of Using RFID Hotel Key Cards

Access Control & Security Needs

Hard to copy if you encrypted

Convenient to Open the Door

Tap and go, open the door in seconds

Marketing & Promotional

Advertising food, parking, or spa near

Simple Design on Card Surface

No need place for magnetic stripe or bar code

Contactless & Safety

Durable and reusable, no scratches

Waterproof & Moisture Proof

It doesn't matter if you accidentally get the card wet

 What kind of RFID cards do hotels use?

  • Commonly used for hotel room cards and employee badges are HF 13.56mhz RFID cards, used for access control and security.

Are hotel cards RFID?

  • Different hotels apply different technology, commonly used are RFID 1K cards, T5577 LF 125khz ID cards, or magnetic stripe cards.

What info is stored on hotel key cards?

  • Hotel key cards stored a number related to your name, room number, and check-in and out dates, also, this number can open the door with a matched lock. 

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