Custom RFID Wristbands for Hotels & Resorts

ZBTECH specializes in customizing RFID bracelets and wristbands for hotels and resorts. Our wristbands and bracelets are designed to meet the quality standards you expect at hotels or resorts.

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ZBTech, The Reliable RFID Enabled Wristbands for Hotels Manufacturer

At ZBTech, we specialize in creating practical and stylish hotel wristbands. You can choose from a variety of materials, including PVC, silicone, or woven options. We offer T5577 key bracelets as well as Fudan 1K key fob wristbands. Don’t forget to imprint your hotel’s logo on the wristbands to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Customize our bracelets and wristbands with RFID chips to enhance the visibility of your hotel brand and elevate the guest experience.  

Why Use Hotel RFID Wristbands & Bracelets

RFID wristbands & bracelets are an essential tool for hotels and resorts, serving multiple purposes such as room key access, cashless payment, gym and swimming pool access control. 

These versatile touch points wristbands can also function as membership cards and loyalty cards, combining various functionalities into one, reducing the burden of customers carrying multiple cards.

Gather Information

leveraging ID & IC technology to gather customer behavior information such as preferences, activities, usage of facilities like the gym, pool, spa, private beach, VIP areas, and club, as well as purchase behavior.

Wristbands Waterproof

Hotel & resorts wristbands are waterproof, allowing guests to wear them freely in areas such as the pool and gym, while serving as a room key wristband to prevent loss.

Easy to Use

Easy to use and wearable, the room key bracelets securely stay on the wrist during activities, providing instant access with a tap for room entry or for transactions.


Multi-functional, managing employees and authorizing access areas: In addition to guest use, hotel wristbands are effective for employee management and granting access to different areas, providing both security and convenience.

Cashless Payment

Increase revenue with cashless payment, even without carrying cash, guests can make quick transactions for items like snacks, beverages, towels, equipment rentals, lounge chairs, and umbrellas within the hotel and resorts using RFID wristbands.

Enhance Experience

Each wristband is clean, safe, and intended for one-time use, removing the need for recycling and promoting cleanliness and safety. Additionally, it can be utilized as a membership card.

rfid wristbands for hotels

How to choose the suitable RFID bracelets for hotels & resorts?

Determine the desired functionality

  • Decide on the specific features you want the RFID bracelets to have, and types of hotel wristbands you need.

Consider the chip to match your system

  • Determine the RFID chip which suitable for your hotel lock system, if do not know, you can send a sample to us.

Decide on the design & quantity

  • Logo or brand name printing, how many pieces do you need, so that we can calculate the price for you.

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