Custom RFID E-Seal Tags from Manufacturers in China

The Custom RFID E-seal is a well-crafted solution for container security and transportation traceability. This small RFID fob seal offers remarkable management convenience to your business.

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We offer wholesale custom RFID seal tags in a wide range of sizes and chip options, including LF 125 kHz, HF 13.56 MHz, and UHF 860-960 MHz. The RFID cable lock seal is passive and does not require battery support, ensuring it operates reliably without the need for power. For your convenience, it delivers automatic identification functionality efficiently and quickly.

To meet your specific requirements, we provide a variety of color choices, including white, red, yellow, black, blue, and custom options.

china rfid seals

China RFID Fob Seals

Size: 40*48mm, China RFID E-seal is durable and printable.

rfid seal

Small Size RFID E-seal

Size: 26.5*38mm, small size RFID seals are suitable for tracking tools.

plastic rfid seals

Plastic RFID Seals

Size: 50*53mm, plastic RFID seals with large area for printing, bar code & serail number.

rfid cable seals

Custom RFID Cable Seal

Size: 56*82mm, custom RFID cable seal with UHF chip is security and long distance for reading.

rfid container e seal

UHF Container E-seal

Size: 78*28mm, UHF E-seal ideal for container tracking, security and data collection.

rfid seals for container

RFID Seal for Export

Size: 100*28mm, RFID seal for export work well in harsh environments, cold or hot weather.

Benefits of RFID E-Seal Tags


Prevents unauthorized access, tampering, or substitution of goods.


UHF RFID seals allow for batch reading at a distance, reducing processing time.

Real-time Data

Enables real-time data capture and upload, ensuring data reliability.


Standardizes the transportation and management of goods in accordance with regulations.

rfid e-seal

RFID E-Seal Tags Sturdy & Durable

RFID fob seals are constructed with ABS injection-molded outer shells, making them sturdy and durable. They feature ultrasonic sealing, making them adaptable to various harsh environments, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and waterproof. 

The stainless steel pull wire is designed to withstand strong pulling forces, requiring wire cutters to be severed. Equipped with a self-locking steel wire rope belt, the rope length is adjustable, allowing for customization of any length. 

They are designed for one-way use to prevent the loss and mishandling of roll-containers. Compliant with IP66 standards for shock resistance.

Craftsmanship of RFID Seal Tags

Customizable chip types, with a range of 0-5m, featuring a unique ID number to prevent tampering and enhance security. The surface can be silk-screened with one to two colors for your logo or have logos, text, barcodes, QR codes, etc., laser printed. Reflecting your brand’s distinctive characteristics.

Data encoding is available here.

custom rfid seal

The Functions of Using RFID Seal Tags

Export Container RFID Seals_

Export Container RFID Seals

Widely used in international trade for maritime container shipping, providing tamper-proof security for high-value, sensitive, or hazardous goods.

RFID Trailer Seals, Anti-Counterfeiting, and Confidentiality in Logistics_

RFID Trailer Seals, Anti-Counterfeiting, and Confidentiality in Logistics

Offers additional security for trailers during transportation, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the cargo inside.

Warehousing Management and Tracking of Valuables Using RFID Seal Tags_

Warehousing Management and Tracking of Valuables Using RFID Seal Tags

RFID seal deployed for warehouse monitoring, inventory management, as well as tracking and monitoring of high-value or hazardous items, ensuring compliance with regulations and reducing risks.

Financial and Network Cabling Management with Security Seal Tags_

Financial and Network Cabling Management with Security Seal Tags

Utilized RFID security seal tags to protect and monitor financial transactions and network cabling by ensuring authorized access only.

An E-seal combines a cable seal with an RFID/NFC chip for fast identification. It’s great for managing container data, tracking cargo, and monitoring truck transportation.

LF: 125khz, TK4100 chip, reading distance, 0-2cm
HF: 13.56mhz, NFC chip, NDEF format, reading distance, 0-3cm
UHF: 860-980mhz, reading distance, 0-2m according to the working environment and reader power

The price of RFID container seals will vary depending on several factors, including the chip type, quantity, any personalized crafts you want to include. 

– The RFID seal shows that your container or truck has been locked once.
– When sealed, it’s matched with a reader/writer to encode or retrieve chip IC info.
– Secures the sealed item during transport until it’s opened at its destination.
– Once opened, the seal is damaged and cannot be reused, ensuring one-time use and deterring unauthorized access.

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