Custom RFID Tags/Labels for Books in Library

Custom RFID tags or labels, whether white or custom printed, for books, magazines, documents, CDs, DVDs, maps, and journals, etc. Elevate your work efficiency and reduce errors during operational processes.

Custom RFID Labels for Book in Library

Custom Wholesale RFID Tags for Books from Vendor in China—ZBTECH

ZBTECH is a professional manufacturer of RFID tags for library books in China. We can provide commonly used styles of RFID tags for library books, or customize library book stickers with logos. With neutral adhesive, they can be easily affixed to various books using a paper substrate and come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose high frequency or opt for ultra-high frequency for long-distance reading and automatic data capture in library applications.

Icode Slix Stickers for Books

Icode Slix Stickers for Books

Icode Slix is a type of high-frequency tag designed for book libraries. These tags measure 50*50mm and comply with the ISO15693 standard. They can be read using NFC-enabled smartphones or card readers. The NFC near technology also allows for the simultaneous reading of multiple tags, facilitating quick borrowing or returning of books. 

uhf rfid tags for books

UHF RFID Stickers for Library Books

The UHF paper-based stickers are designed in a long, blank format. The small stickers can be discreetly placed inside books without impeding borrowing, yet remain convenient for staff to read. 

With a reading distance of approximately 1 meter, these stickers can be swiftly read and located even when placed on high shelves using handheld devices. They are not affected by the orientation of the books or their display method. 

Unlike barcodes, which require alignment, they can be read even from a few meters away, making them suitable for use even without a direct line of sight.

LED UHF RFID Labels for Book Library

LED UHF RFID Labels for Book Library

These ultra-high frequency RFID labels come with LED lights for quick identification. They not only help you rapidly locate the general direction of a book but also precisely pinpoint the exact book you are looking for.

All you need to do is enter the code, click search, and the corresponding label’s LED will start flashing. With long-distance capabilities and precise alerts, they can simultaneously read dozens or even hundreds of tags, ensuring efficient inventory checks. 

Their thin profile ensures they do not affect the flatness of book surfaces. Make sure not to overlook incorporating these into your library or archive.

Why Use RFID Tags for Books Library

Enhance Inventory Management, Boost Efficiency

Book Tracking with Self-Service Capabilities

Improved Shopping Experience, Elevating Borrowing Management

Cost-Effective Pricing for Bulk Purchases

How Does RFID Book Tags Work

Applicatition of RFID Book Tags

Library Book Security Tags

Library Book Security Tags

Library book securty tags are not only for book tracking management but also theft prevention.

File Folder Labels RFID Tags for Documents in Archives

Facilitate quick searches for information, files, and documents to enhance work efficiency and demonstrate professionalism.

Library Book Tag Stickers for Stores

Library Book Tag Stickers for Stores

lLibrary book tag stickers used for self-service shopping, checkouts without waiting in line.

RFID Stickers for CD & DVD

RFID Stickers for CD & DVD

RFID stickers and labels for CD & DVD tracking and recording management. 


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