NFC Ntag215 ISO Standard Blank Cards

The white blank NFC Ntag215 cards with a size of 85.5*54*0.84mm, credit cards size can be easily inserted into the wallet and bag. These blank 215 NFC cards are laminated with overlay, and printable for thermal printers.

Ntag215 cards are widely used, and compatible with all NFC-enabled devices, like smartphones, and readers. Commonly used for gaming, smart tickets, authentication codes, and promotional information.

Buy bulk of Ntag215 cards from ZBTech, which are cost-effective, and ideal for mass production. Fast delivery and quality are guaranteed for each card.

Its durability and resistant to harsh environments. 13.56Mhz stickers are rewritable and easy to read by NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and HF readers.

NFC ntag215 tag cards are compatible for amiibo cards.

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