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ZBTECH provides anti-metal RFID tags in various materials, sizes, and dimensions, suitable for a wide range of applications.

RFID Anti metal tags

ZBTECH, Custom RFID Anti-Metal Tag from Supplier in China

Custom RFID anti-metal tags from the professional manufacturer in China, ZBTech, offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. These tags include Anti-metal RFID and NFC tags with low frequency (125khz), high frequency (13.56mhz), and UHF anti-metal tags capabilities. Passive on metal surface tags can come in various formats such as stickers, hard tags, soft tags, PVC, epoxy, PCB, and ABS, making them suitable for use across different industries.

Custom printing featuring your logo or laser serial numbers is available to help you better manage the tracking and inventory of metal assets, ultimately improving efficiency.


Anti-metal Sticker

RFID / NFC stickers laminated with absorbing material can be used on the metal surface. Custom printing with a company logo, brand name, or images, is great for asset tracking, and smart advertising. The stickers are soft and flexible, with the choices of paper or PVC surface you can choose.


Bubble Anti-metal Tag

Bubble anti-metal tags are coated with resin material, making them durable and waterproof. They serve as an excellent alternative to RFID loyalty cards. These tags can be conveniently affixed to the back of a mobile phone, featuring an NFC chip inside that allows users to easily access discounts by simply tapping. To attract more potential clients, it's beneficial to prominently display a clear logo on the tags.


Tiny NFC Anti-metal Tag

Tiny NFC tags with anti-metal material are used widely for Bluetooth speakers, stick on the tools inside, and add functions for the speaker. What’s more, this tiny tag is multi-functional for metal NFC rings, and NFC watches.


ABS Checkpoint Rugged on metal Tags

Rugged checkpoint ABS tag screw or stick on the metal surface, apply 125 khz or 13.56mhz chip for attendence checking or asset management.


UHF Magnetic Anti-metal Tag

UHF anti-metal tag support long distance reading, can be installed by adhesive, screw, or magnetic. Reusable, and durable. Use for pallet & container tracking.


Gas Bottle Metal Mount RFID Tags

Designed in a curve shape, ideally suitable for gas bottle, anti-metal material allow the tag work well on the metal bottle.


Asset Management Metal Mount RFID Bar Tags

ABS asset management anti-metal tag in different sizes and colors, excellent for your metal asset tracking.


UHF Flexible RFID Tags for Metal Mount

UHF RFID metal tag sticker is flexible, can stick on metal surface with strong adhesive, thermal printable.


Ceramic UHF Anti Metal RFID Tags

Ceramic UHF anti-metal RFID tag is small and high temperature resistant, easily to insert the tools and machine for tracking.


High-Temperature Resistant Metal Surface RFID Tag

High-temperature resistant anti-metal tag is the essential in motor industry, for painting, shaping tracking.


PCB Anti-metal Tag

Custom PCB anti-metal tag, you can choose the size from mini to large, suitable for any industry and uses.


Anti-metal Plastic Card

Plastic card with or without printing, add anti-metal layer work well on metal surface, standard size or round size as you need.

ZBTech, Your Reliable Anti-metal Tags Supplier in China

If you are in search of a custom anti-metal RFID tag factory, you’ve come to the right place. At our facility, we offer a range of options for customizing tags that are designed to be used on metal surfaces, including RFID tags for metal, NFC tags for metal, and anti-metal UHF RFID tags. ZBTech serves as your comprehensive manufacturing solution for all types of tags.

Our team boasts extensive experience and adheres to strict quality control measures throughout every step of the production process to ensure that each tag functions flawlessly. Our friendly sales team is dedicated to providing prompt, professional, and genuine feedback. We never pressure you into making a purchase but rather express gratitude for your orders.

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Custom Metal Mount RFID Tags for Different Applications

RFID anti metal tags application

RFID anti-metal tags serve as a versatile solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. They play a crucial role in various applications, including project-level management, RFID asset tracking, hospital equipment management, metal equipment supply chain management, refrigerator and special metal surface management, warehouse shelf and locomotive management, IT facility shell management, large and medium-sized metal container management, power box and facility management, as well as the management of indoor and outdoor office equipment and facilities with metal shells. 

These tags also support cement wall or column management (embedded), personnel inspection protocols, streetlights, traffic light pole monitoring, public facility oversight, and management of large and medium-sized fluid valves or pipelines.

Why use RFID Anti-metal Tags?

Anti-Metal RFID Tags Work on Metal

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Meet IP65 Standards Waterproof


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