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Custom blank & printed NFC stickers with different materials, sizes, and shapes. Custom print with your logo, graphics, serial numbers, barcode, or QR codes.

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ZBTech-Your Reliable NFC Tag Stickers Manufacturer

Custom bulk of NFC stickers from ZBTech, you can get the factory-direct price. Rich experienced team and full in-house facility to guarantee the quality and fast turnaround. ZBTech, your reliable NFC stickers supplier can provide:

  • A variety of NFC stickers with different materials, paper, PET, PVC, frangible or anti-metal
  • With a diversity of NFC labels with sizes, and shapes, from mini size to large size, you can get all covered
  • NFC sticker programming is workable here, get your programmable NFC tag sticker bulk from us
  • Custom printed NFC stickers according to your design file
nfc sticker manufacturing

Custom Types of NFC Stickers from ZBTech

Custom different types of wholesale NFC adhesive tags from ZBTech, you have different material to select. PET clear NFC stickers, paper or PVC sticker blank or printed. Anti-metal material allows stickers workable on metal. Fragile NFC sticker is the best choice for anti-counterfeit. Custom nail NFC sticker with LED is the right choice for parties, events, bring lots of fun.

custom clear wet inlay

Clear Wet NFC Inlay

NFC inlay is made of PET material, the basic form of an NFC sticker, which is thin, budget-friendly, and can be stuck on the items to track, custom bulk NFC inlay from the manufacturer, you have different sizes to select.

custom plastic print nfc sticker

Custom Printed Plastic NFC Sticker Waterproof

Plastic-printed NFC stickers are ideal for smart advertising, and brand promotion. They are waterproof and durable, custom NFC stickers printed with logo or QR code is no problem

on-metal nfc plastic sticker

On-metal Plastic Printed NFC Sticker

On-metal plastic pre-printed NFC stickers are flexible and waterproof, with adhesive and anti-metal material on the back of the NFC sticker, and can be easily stuck on the metal surface.

Loop NFC Sticker

Loop NFC Stickers

The circular NFC sticker is designed for better installation on various tools, with a strong adhesive backing to ensure stability. It features a small chip, PVC material lamination, waterproof and dustproof properties, and no chip imprint.

Custom Printed NFC Bubble 3D Stickers

Custom Printed NFC Bubble 3D Stickers

Custom-printed NFC bubble stickers according to your design file, offset printing, screen printing, or digital printing.

Fragile NFC Sticker

Fragile NFC Sticker

The fragile paper and antenna of this NFC sticker made a great contribution to anti-counterfeit. Guaranteed your clients’ legitimate rights, and help you to build a good reputation.Normally used for luxury.

round mini fpc nfc tag

Custom Smallest NFC Stickers

Mini NFC stickers can achieve a size of 5*5mm and are made of waterproof, high-temperature resistant material, making them more durable and sturdy. They can be equipped with adhesive backing and anti-metal features, allowing them to work effectively on various tools or metal surfaces.

nail nfc sticker

NFC Nail LED Sticker

The small NFC sticker with LED can be affixed to fingernails to emit light, providing both functionality and fun. It serves as a great accessory for parties, concerts, events, and more.

According to the chip, the often used are 1K NFC stickers, Ntag213 NFC sticker, NFC Ntag215 sticker, NFC Ntag216 sticker.

classic 1k blank sticker

Classic 1K 13.56Mhz RFID Sticker White 25mm Circle

A blank classic 1K sticker is a high-frequency RFID tag that has a memory of 1024 bytes, which can attach to different items.

white ntag213 sticker

White Blank NFC Ntag213 Labels 25mm Circle

White NFC ntag213 labels are small adhesive tags that use Near Field Communication technology. Ntag213 blank stickers are compatible with a wide range of NFC-enabled devices, both IOS and Android.

blank nfc ntag215 sticker

NFC Ntag215 Stickers White 25mm Circle

Ntag215 white stickers are a kind of near-field communication tag that can be attached to different items and packages.

13.56mhz sticker

Custom NFC Ntag216 Stickers

Custom Ntag216 NFC tag stickers with or without printing, shaped round or square as you requested. ZBTech, your reliable NFC tag sticker factory can support you.

Select the Right Chip for Your NFC Stickers


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 144 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 504 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

NFC Stickers Dimensions

Round Shape NFC Stickers

round shape NFC sticker

Size you can choose:

18mm, 25mm, 40mm

Square NFC Stickers

square nfc stickers

Size you can choose:


Rectangle NFC Stickers

nfc sticker rectangle

Size you can choose:

86*54mm, 40*25mm, 55*18mm, 10*20mm, 30*15mm

Structure of NFC Stickers

structure of nfc stickers
  • Surface options for custom NFC stickers include paper, PVC, or synthetic paper materials, with matte or glossy finishes to suit your needs. 
  • Adding a backing adhesive layer of anti-metal material for the NFC label applicated on metal surfaces. 
  • The NFC stickers can be personalized with logos, serial numbers, and UID numbers. 
  • Customization options for the NFC labels extend to size, shape, and design, meeting specific requirements for custom NFC stickers.
  •  The packaging of custom NFC stickers can be in rolls or pieces according to your preference.  

Why Using NFC Stickers

Engage Customers Better

NFC stickers help customers access product info, reviews, and promotions instantly, making it easier for them to connect with the brand.

Safe and Easy to Use

Using NFC stickers are virus-free, ensuring secure data transfer, and can be easily applied by peeling off the backing.

Simple Application

Just peel and stick the NFC tracking stickers for quick and hassle-free use.

Works with Any Smartphone

NFC stickers are compatible with both Android and Apple devices, ensuring widespread usability.

Why Choose ZBTECH--Your Reliable China NFC Sticker Manufacturers

NFC Sticker manufacturer

Our Custom NFC Stickers Factory in China:

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Equipped with in-house facilities and fully automated production lines, ensuring stable lead times and quality.
  • Flexible Production Capacities: Capable of meeting large orders while also supporting and accommodating small quantity orders.
  • Skilled Workforce: Regular training for workers to maintain their expertise, coupled with frequent machine maintenance to ensure consistent quality.
  • Variety of Sizes and Shapes: Offering a range of NFC antenna sizes and shapes to cater to diverse industries and applications, saving on tooling costs and time.
  • Automated Data Reading and Writing Equipment: Utilizing automated validation processes to deliver perfect finished NFC stickers to meet your requirements efficiently.

NFC Adhesive Stickers Uses

NFC adhesive stickers can be integrated into various industries and applications, with the range of 2-5cm, offering versatile solutions to streamline processes and enhance user experiences across different sectors.

  • Marketing/Advertising: NFC business card sticker
  • Retail: NFC sticker on computer/laptop, for contactless payment: google pay NFC sticker
  • Supply Chain and Asset Management: NFC tracking stickers
  • Product Authentication: NFC stickers for cosmetics and wine
  • Information Share: NFC social stickers like sticker linkedin/tiktok nfc

A near-field communication sticker with an NFC antenna and microchip with a frequency of 13.56mhz can be read in a short reading distance by NFC mobile devices. NFC stickers are programmable and rewritable. Ideal for item tracking and recording information.

Label design & selection, antenna design and manufacturing, flip chip, SMT, COB, custom printing, label lamination, label die-cut, quality inspection, label pre-coding, label printing for barcode or QR code, serial number, data encryption service, QC, package.

There are different printing methods: Screen printing for single or simple colors, offset, and thermal printing for full colors. Variable printing for text, QR code, barcode, serial or progressive number.

  • You can import the contact info as an NFC sticker business card
  • Links, your website or register landing page or any page you want to promote
  • Wi-Fi, set the Wi-Fi with password, share it with a tap instead of enter the password
  • Bluetooth, connect with the earphone or speaker in seconds, say goodbye to find out and waiting to connect
  • Email, tap the tag, and you can write an email to what you want to send it out
  • Telephone number, encode the telephone number, with a tap, give a call to the one you are missing
  • Geo location, launch application, plain text or SMS, NFC tags can meet all your requests.

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