Heavy Duty Rugged ABS NFC Tags with A Hole, 25mm Diameter Discs

Introducing our fully waterproof and durable rugged NFC tags made of heavy-duty ABS material, which is sturdy and ideal for use in industrial and outdoor settings.

These NFC tags come with a round shape, with a hole located at the center for easy installation on wood pallets, trees, and other surfaces. Additionally, it can securely attach to metal surfaces with anti-metal material, giving you added flexibility.

Even when used on rainy days, the NFC tag with a hole is reliable. To secure its chip and antenna, we apply glue to provide extra protection. Printing serial numbers on these NFC tags is easy and never fades; utilizing laser printing ensures long-term durability.

Keep your inventory in check with our superior quality rugged NFC tags that are ideal for tough environments.


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