Custom Reusable RFID Breakaway Zip Ties

Custom reusable RFID breakaway zip ties are the perfect solution for item tracking and identification. Crafted using a combination of robust ABS and durable nylon materials, these zip ties are both sturdy and convenient to use. Whether you need them for outdoor or indoor applications, they prove to be highly practical.

The cable of these zip ties is designed with dimensions of 75*30mm, featuring an ABS construction. The design allows for the integration of both high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency chips, providing versatility in terms of compatibility. The spacious interior offers ample space to accommodate slightly larger coils, resulting in an extended reading range.

rfid reusable cable tie

Product Details:

Type: Custom Reusable RFID Breakaway Zip Ties

Size: 75*30mm

Chip Type: Fudan 1K, Ntag213, UHF

Material: ABS, Nylon

Working temperature: -10°~80° 

Features: Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and heat-resistant

Why Choose Reusable RFID Breakaway Zip Ties

Reusable RFID Breakaway Zip Ties

Firstly, even if the ties are cut, you can replace them with a new one and still maintain the functionality of the RFID chip. This ensures that the chip can continue to be read without any disruptions.

Secondly, these zip ties are lightweight and easy to use. They can be securely fastened to various items, and the size of the tie can be adjusted according to your needs.

Additionally, reusable RFID breakaway zip ties are available in a variety of colors. This allows for easy identification and differentiation when used in different applications. Whether you’re tracking inventory, managing equipment, or securing assets, these versatile zip ties can be customized to fit your specific requirements.


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