Custom Printed NFC Luggage Tags

Introducing our Custom Printed NFC Luggage/Travel Tags – the perfect solution for promoting brand awareness while adding a touch of convenience and safety to your travels. Made of high-quality PVC material, these tags are waterproof, dust-proof, and wear-resistant, ensuring reliable and repeated usage.

Designed with vibrant colors and a clear QR barcode, these NFC luggage tags can be customized with various content to make your brand stand out. Each tag is approximately the size of a standard card, weighing just around 8 grams, so they won’t add any additional burden to your luggage.

The NFC technology embedded within our luggage tags offers an added layer of privacy protection compared to traditional PVC luggage tags. Your valuable contact information can only be accessed by an NFC-enabled smartphone, preventing your personal details from being exposed in public.

For added convenience, each NFC luggage tag features a flat elongated hole on the top or side, allowing you to choose between our 6-inch transparent lanyard or a steel cable to securely attach the tag to your luggage. This versatile attachment system makes it easy for your customers to switch the tag between different pieces of luggage as needed.

Upgrade your travel essentials with our Custom Printed NFC Luggage/Travel Tags, providing an innovative solution that combines branding, style, and functionality, all while keeping your private information secure. Enhance your customer’s travel experience and promote your brand in a unique and practical way with these high-quality NFC luggage tags.


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