Custom PPS RFID Laundry Tags with a Big Hole

These custom PPS RFID laundry tags are ingeniously crafted with a sizable hole, facilitating effortless attachment to clothing or beddings. Thanks to the robust PPS material, the RFID chip enclosed within remains impeccably shielded despite undergoing multiple wash cycles.

Our manufacturing process involves employing single-sided PPS material and high-quality glue, which significantly elevates the sealing capability of the RFID laundry tags. As a result, they exhibit remarkable resistance against water, dust, and shocks. Furthermore, the larger central aperture not only enables secure stitching onto garments but also offers exceptional fastening options for various industrial products.

custom PPS washable tag
Custom PPS RFID Laundry Tags with a Big Hole

Product Details:

Type: Custom PPS RFID Laundry Tags with a Big Hole

Size: 26mm

Chip Type: Fudan 1K, Ntag213, TK4100

Material: PPS

Working temperature: -10°~120° 

Features: Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and heat-resistant

size of PPS rfid laundry tags

Why Choose Custom PPS RFID Laundry Tags with a Big Hole

RFID laundry tags PPS
rfid laundry tags with a big hole

These custom PPS RFID laundry tags, featuring excellent sealing capabilities with a single-sided PPS and adhesive design, offer a multitude of benefits.

Firstly, you have the option to select from a variety of colors, allowing for easy identification and organization. This customization feature enhances efficiency and convenience in laundry management.

Moreover, these versatile tags serve multiple purposes beyond being merely washable laundry tags. They can also be utilized as industrial tags, therefore expanding their applicability to different industries and scenarios.

In summary, the choice of custom PPS RFID laundry tags with a big hole brings together superior sealing, color options, and extended functionality, making them an optimal solution for diverse tagging needs.


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