Custom T5577 RFID Wholesale from China Factory

Custom T5577 RFID implant products from ZBTech, your professional and reliable China factory with a variety of RFID T5577 items, widely used for transport, access control, and hotel key cards.

T5577 RFID

125khz T5577 RFID Tags are Readable & Writable, LF from 100khz to 150khz

Wholesale T5577 chip implant RFID tags including proximity cards, key fobs, stickers, and wristbands. Designed antenna with chip together forms a transponder or RFID tag. Encapsulated in PVC, ABS, or silicone material, they are durable, waterproof, and useful.


Custom T5577 Access Hotel Cards

Custom pre-printed T5577 RFID cards in a standard Cr80 size, the credit card shape, full-color printing, fresh and vivid. Can be easily inserted into the wallet, and used for transport cards or hotel access key cards.


125khz T5577 Blank Cards

T5577 blank cards with overlay protected ideal for thermal printing, with or without UID number print on the bottom. A special package like 20pcs/bag is available. Blank T5577 cards are suitable for employee badges.


125khz T5577 Clamshell Cards

Clamshell cards with T5577 chip with a hole designed for lanyards, one side is blank, and the other side printed with serial number. In addition to that, custom printing is workable here.


T5577 RFID Wristbands

Silicone wristband embedded with T5577 chip, the wholesale price is competitive, wearable tags are convenient for waterpark tickets, hotel swimming pool, gym. The silicone material is soft and comfortable, with no harm to humans.


125khz T5577 Stickers

T5577 small round coin tags can be blank or logo printed, with adhesive or anti-metal material, coated with or without epoxy, and can be workable on metal surfaces for tools tracking, and inventory management.


125khz T5577 Key Fobs

Durable ABS key fobs are convenient to hang on the keychain, embedded with a T5577 chip, and can be used for access control smart keys. There are different sizes, shapes, and colors for your choices.

Table of Contents

The features of T5577 RFID products

  • Contactless passive chip
  • Read & write data transmission
  • Frequency: 100khz to 150khz
  • Compatible with T5557, ATA5567
  • Replacement for e5551/T5551 in Most Common Operation modes
  • Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 Compatibility
  • Total 363 Bits EEPROM Memory: 11 Blocks (32 bits + 1 lock bit)

TK4100 vs T5577

  • Both LF at 125khz
  • Contactless passive chip
  • TK4100 only read T5577 read & write, and reprogrammable

Why choose ZBTech for your T5577 RFID cards, fobs, and wristbands?

  • Over a decade of RFID cards factory in China, rich experience
  • Offer OEM service to meet your project needs
  • Ensure high-quality and competitive prices
  • One-stop vendor for all kinds of T5577 RFID products
  • Art of the state equipment in the house makes sure the fast turnaround
  • An experienced and friendly team can help and give you suggestions
  • Personalized crafts are available like serial number printing, encryption

The function of RFID T5577 items

  • Access control
  • Time Attendance
  • Ticketing for amusement
  • Hotel key card

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