Custom Wooden NFC Cards from Company in China

Custom wooden RFID / NFC cards are special and unique, with RFID/NFC chip embedded, much more convenient than loyalty cards, or membership cards. Buy bulk wooden RFID cards from the manufacturer in China, you have lots of choices in shapes, and sizes.

custom wooden nfc card

Custom Wooden Bamboo NFC Cards are Sustainable & Great

Looking for a sustainable and unique way to promote your business? ZBTech offers custom wholesale of wooden NFC cards that can be programmed with contact details or a website, serving as a digital business card for your brand promotion.

We offer different shapes and sizes of wooden NFC cards that can be customized with your artwork, logo, or other branding elements. Made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials, our wooden NFC cards offer a sustainable and memorable way to stay connected with your customers.

Additionally, we also offer custom bulk of bamboo cards with various shapes, sizes, and printing options. Our bamboo cards are lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices.

Choose ZBTech for custom wholesale of high-quality wooden NFC cards and bamboo cards that will help elevate your brand image and promote sustainability. Contact us now to place your order or for more information.


ISO Standard Credit Cards Size NFC Wooden Cards

Standard NFC wooden cards are the normal size, which is suitable to be inserted in the wallet, custom printing logo and name are available, and laser printing is ideal for the letters.


Small Round Shape Coin Wooden NFC Cards

Small round shape coin wooden NFC cards blank or printed, designed with two holes, ideal for NFC wristbands, used for access control, tickets for parks, stadiums, etc.


RFID Key Tag Wooden Cards

RFID wooden key tag is a kind of creative and attractive card for your hotels and apartments, leave a deep impression on your clients, and make interaction online.

Custom Programmable Wooden NFC Cards

What is a wooden or bamboo card?

  • Use wooden or bamboo material custom-made card shape embedded with NFC or RFID chip, and matched antenna, can be programmed for access control, digital business cards and sharing information.

How to make wooden NFC cards?

To produce wooden NFC cards, follow these steps:

  • Determine the shape and size you require for the wooden card based on your specific needs.
  • Choose the appropriate chip that will accommodate your project or desired function.
  • Submit your design file for custom printing of the wooden card.
  • Confirm the quantity required and request a quotation for the production of your NFC wooden cards.

Why custom wooden NFC cards?

Custom wooden NFC cards offer several advantages over traditional paper cards. They are:

  • 1. Durable and reusable, which means they save resources and have a longer lifespan than paper cards.
  • 2. Easily re-programmable, which saves the cost of reprinting each time information needs to be updated or changed.
  • 3. Allow for easy sharing and transfer of information with a simple tap, reducing the need for manual input of contact information.
  • 4. Ideal for events and trade shows, as they eliminate the need for distributing a large number of paper name cards, therefore reducing waste.
  • 5. Promote eco-friendliness and sustainability, which helps your brand to align with the values of today’s consumers.
  • 6. Adding an RQ barcode on the backside of the wooden NFC card is practical when the tap fails or when there is no NFC device available

In summary, custom wooden NFC cards not only provide practical solutions to everyday problems but also help foster a more sustainable environment. 

The functions of wooden RFID/NFC cards

Wooden RFID/NFC cards can be used for different functions and purposes, some of which include:
  • 1. Custom wooden RFID cards for weddings: Encoding social media URLs, upload memorable photos, and videos to share with guests.

  • 2. Wooden NFC cards for gift signs: A great gift card design for various events, anniversaries, and holidays that people can keep and reuse. They also allow for updating information on the encoded URL.

  • 3. Wooden RFID cards for hotels: Providing a contactless alternative to traditional room keys. natural feel of the bamboo material can impress customers and improve the overall experience.

  • 4. Bamboo NFC cards for games: Amiibo cards that use the Ntag215 chip card to add fun and interest to gaming.

Overall, wooden RFID/NFC cards offer a versatile and eco-friendly solution for a range of uses and industries. By encouraging innovation, creativity, and sustainability, these cards can help businesses stand out and make a positive impact on their customers and the environment. 

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