Custom RFID Cable Tie Tags from China Maker

Custom RFID Cable Tags from reliable supplier ZBTECH.

A variety of styles to choose from, including options with competitive wholesale pricing, faster delivery, and quality guaranteed, you can trust ZBTech to provide the best identification tags for your needs.

custom rfid cable tag

Custom Wholesale RFID Cable Tie Tags from ZBTech

ZBTech is proud to be a top-rated RFID wire tag manufacturer based in China. Our custom plastic wire tie tags are expertly designed with embedded chips and coated with ABS material, making them both waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions. These are also known for their sturdy, durable, and rugged features.

We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from, ensuring that our clients receive the perfect RFID wire tags for their unique needs. At ZBTech, we are committed to providing high-quality products that surpass our clients’ expectations, making us the ideal choice for RFID wire tags.

disposable rfid plastic cable tie tags

One Time Use Plastic RFID Cable Ties Tag

The RFID cable ties tag is produced using ABS and nylon materials. The nylon cable tie strip can be adjusted to fit the size of your product. The serrated design prevents the cable tie strip from slipping.

different colors of rfid reusable cable tie

Custom Reusable RFID Breakaway Zip Ties

Custom reusable RFID breakaway zip ties are the perfect solution for item tracking and identification. Crafted using a combination of robust ABS and durable nylon materials, these zip ties are both sturdy and convenient to use.


Custom RFID Cable Tie Tag with Metal String

The custom RFID cable tie tag with a metal string is a durable and reusable solution that is traceable. It utilizes a matching stainless-steel string that is resistant to breaking and can be repeatedly used.

square cable tie with label

Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label

Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label is a product offered by ZBTech. By purchasing it wholesale, you can benefit from factory direct prices and personalized customization options, including various colors.


Round Shape Cable Tie Identification Tags

The cable tie identification tags are designed in a round shape with a small size, measuring 32mm in diameter. The ABS chip part is movable, while the nylon string can be easily adjusted.


Anti-theft & RFID Locking Cable Mini Size

Mini-sized plastic NFC cable tie tags are specifically designed for securing small items such as seafood, valuable food items, or beverages.

UHF silicone reusable cable laundry tag

Reusable & Adjustable Silicone RFID Cable Washable Tags

Introducing our innovative solution – custom reusable and adjustable silicone RFID tags specially designed for washing cables. With these tags, you can easily hang them on your clothes or curtains, regardless of the size of the items.

UHF RFID Silicone Cable Laundry Tags

UHF RFID Silicone Cable Laundry Tags

Custom RFID silicone laundry cable tags are designed with built-in ultra-high frequency chips and resemble the style of RFID cables, allowing for repeated use.

Select the Right Chip for Your China RFID Cable


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 144 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 504 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Crafts you Can Add on the RFID Zip Tie Tags?

  • Custom printing
  • Screen printing for 1-2 colors logo on one side, we do not suggestion double sides printing, one side is a little sunken, not good for printing.
  • Laser printing for logo, serial number, UID number, bar code, QR bar code, please pay attention to the color you choose, laser printing suitable for light color cable.
  • Encoding the EPC number

Benefits of RFID Cable Tie Tags

Waterproof & Outdoor Durability

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, RFID label zip ties are waterproof and well-suited for outdoor use.

Lightweight & Convenient

RFID cable tie tags are lightweight, ensuring they do not overly burden the item.

Faster, Convenient & Safe

Rewritable and lockable data in the RFID zip ties makes data management faster, and safer.

Customizable & Printable

The surface of RFID cable tags can be printed, silk-screened with 1-3-color logos, laser printed with logos, or QR codes.

Adjustable Cable Length

The length of the cable ties can be adjusted as needed, making it widely useful for a variety of applications.

Customizable Chip Options

Various chips can be customized and implanted in the cable tie tags to suit different reading distances.

High Bearing Capacity

The nylon cable tie strap possesses a strong bearing capacity and good insulation, being resistant to aging.

Non-Toxic & Durable for Use

ABS material used for cable tag RFID is non-toxic, harmless, and offers durability can be used in & out door.

Operator-Friendly & Easy to Operate

It's an easy-to-operate RFID cable tag that does not require extensive training and saves your operator's time.

Creative uses of RFID Zip Tie Tags

RFID Cable Tags for Cables and Network Wires

RFID Cable Tags for Cables and Network Wires

These tags enable the recording of the factory production date, network cable details, maintenance schedules, and any other relevant information you need to manage effectively.

RFID Cable Tie Tags for Transportation and Containers

RFID Cable Tie Tags for Transportation and Containers

Ensure detailed logistics and package management with RFID zip ties featuring ID tags, which can prevent unauthorized access or tampering during transit.

Plastic Cable Tags RFID for Clothing and sneakers

Plastic Cable Tags RFID for Clothing and Sneakers

Incorporate cable tie labels into your brand clothes, pants, and shoes to safeguard against counterfeiting, maintain brand integrity, and assure quality without significant cost.

RFID Cable Ties for Animals and Pets

RFID Cable Ties for Animals and Pets

Ideal for identifying animals, poultry, and pets, these cable tie tags facilitate recording essential details such as vaccination records and feeding schedules.

UHF RFID Cable Tags for Pallets

UHF RFID Cable Tags for Pallets

These waterproof plastic RFID cable labels offer comprehensive solutions, allowing long-distance information retrieval and quick location identification for efficient inventory management.

FAQs About Wholesale RFID Cable

  • An RFID cable tag is a small digital device that attaches to a cable using a cable tie. It stores information and can be used to track items or manage inventory.

  • From $0.4-$1 according to the quantity and crafts you need.
  • Before production, we will send you digital artwork proof, indicated the color, size, chip, and logo, once confirm cannot change.
  • The NFC cable tag and tie are customized, available colors are yellow, blue, green, red, and black. More than 30000pcs, we can custom colors.

different colors of rfid cable tags

  • Less than 10000pcs, express suggested, shipping time around 5-8 days.
  • 10000-50000pcs, can ship by air, shipping time around 7-12 days.
  • More than 50000pcs, can ship by sea, shipping time about 30-35 days.

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