One Time Use Plastic RFID Cable Ties Tag

The RFID cable ties tag is produced using ABS and nylon materials. The nylon cable tie strip can be adjusted to fit the size of your product. The serrated design prevents the cable tie strip from slipping. The larger-sized RFID cable label can have various frequencies of RFID antennas built-in for different applications.

The surface of the plastic RFID cable tag ties can be customized with silk-screened logos in one or two colors. Alternatively, you also have the option to choose laser printing for logos, numbers, barcodes, or QR codes.

disposable rfid plastic cable tie tags
One Time Use Plastic RFID Cable Ties Tag

Product Details:

Type: One Time Use Plastic RFID Cable Ties Tag

Size: 375*28mm

Chip Type: LF, HF, UHF

Material: ABS, Nylon

Working temperature: -10°~80° 

Features: Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and heat-resistant

Why Choose One Time Use Plastic RFID Cable Ties Tag

rfid cable tie tag custom
custom disposable rfid cable ties tag

Effective Item Tracking

  • The use of RFID technology allows for efficient and accurate tracking of items. The tag can be easily scanned, providing real-time information about the location and status of the tagged item.

Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Theft Measures

  • One-time use tags help in preventing counterfeiting and theft. Once the tag is affixed to the item, it cannot be easily removed without causing damage or tampering evidence. This discourages unauthorized access and ensures the integrity of the item.


  • One-time use cable tie tags enable proper documentation and traceability of products. Each tag can be uniquely identified and associated with specific information, such as production batch, expiration date, or origin. This aids in quality control, recalls, and traceability in the supply chain.

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