Custom Smart Cards Inlay from Manufacturer

ZBTECH is a professional manufacturer of smart RFID card inlays. We specialize in customizing a wide range of card inlays with high production capacity, superior quality, stable reading performance, and competitive pricing for bulk orders.

ZBTECH offers a Variety of Custom Smart Card Inlays

ZBTECH is a professional smart card inlay factory based in China, equipped with various in-house facilities such as chip bonding machines, winding machines, laminating machines, testing machines, etc. These facilities ensure fast delivery, high quality, and a wide variety of styles for the card inlays we provide, including inlays for ID cards, IC cards, and NFC cards. We also offer customization options for printing marks, encoding, and more to meet your specific needs.

2x4 IC card inlay

2*4 IC Card Inlay

A4 2x5 F08 inlay

A4 2*5 F08 IC Card Inlay

T5577 ID card inlay

A4 2*5 T5577/TK4100 ID Card Inlay

5x5 IC card inlay

Standard 5*5 IC Card Inlay

5 x 5 ID card inlay

Standard 5*5 ID Card Inaly

24 ic card inlay

3*8 IC NFC Card Inlay

small size 64 ic card inlay

Small Size 8*8 IC Ntag213 Cards Inlay

dural frequency smart card inlay

Dural Frequency Smart Card Inlay

UHF RFID Card Inlay

Custom-Made Prelaminated Smart Cards Inlay

In addition to our standard specifications, we can also customize prelaminated inlays according to your requirements. Please let us know your specifications, and we will provide you with the designs for the card inlays.

smart card inlay format

Custom Thickness for Smart Card Inlays

The thickness is 0.5mm, and we can customize it to 0.45mm or 0.6mm as per your preference. The structure includes PVC material, a copper coil, a memory chip, and then PVC material. Add adhesive is workable. If you have any specific requirements or additional details, please feel free to share them with us.

Testing & Encoding for Sheet Inlay

RFID & NFC sheet inlays undergo large-scale testing and data writing processes, ensuring both speed and precision. Each inlay delivered to you will meet your satisfaction, whether it’s used for customizing RFID cards or NFC cards. This will enhance your production speed and improve customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

Testing for smart cards inlay

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