Round Shape Cable Tie Identification Tags

The cable tie identification tags are designed in a round shape with a small size, measuring 32mm in diameter. The ABS chip part is movable, while the nylon string can be easily adjusted. After cutting the nylon string, you can replace it while the chip part remains reusable.

ID tag cable ties can be customized in various colors to match your products or themes. You can also choose between high-frequency or ultra-high-frequency chips to meet different application needs.

Zip tie identification tags are easy to use. Simply pull them to securely fasten onto bottle-shaped items. They are commonly used for identification or tracking purposes.


Product Details:

Type: Round Shape Cable Tie Identification Tags

Size: diameter 32mm

Chip Type: UHF, HF

Material: ABS, nylon

Working temperature: -10°~80° 

Features: Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and heat-resistant

Why Choose Round Shape Cable Tie Identification Tags


Firstly, these tags can be made using cold-resistant materials, allowing them to be used in colder regions without the risk of breaking.

Secondly, the small and lightweight design of the round shape cable ties ensures that they do not affect the aesthetics of the items they are attached to and do not add any extra burden.

Lastly, these cable tie identification tags offer the option for custom wholesale, allowing you to personalize them with your logo, printed numbers, dates, and other customized details.


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