Plastic Pop-out RFID Wristbands

Plastic RFID wristband features a pop-out style with a hard plastic oval face in white color, which helps enhance the visibility of your logo, QR code, barcode, or full-color printing. It has a fixed size of 77mm in diameter and is reusable. The band is made of soft and comfortable silicone material.

Additionally, it can accommodate various chips and the hard plastic shell not only provides waterproof protection but also ensures that the chips remain undamaged. Whether it is bent, dropped from a height, or exposed to slightly higher temperatures, the chips will remain intact and maintain sensitive read and write capabilities.

Plastic Pop-out RFID Wristbands
details of pop out rfid wristbands

Product Details:

Type: Plastic Pop-out RFID Wristbands

Size: diameter: 77mm

Chip Type: LF (125khz), HF (13.56mhz)

Material: plastic & silicone

Colors: red, blue, green, yellow

Working temperature: -10°~80°

size of plastic rfid wristbands

Why Choose Plastic Pop-out RFID Wristbands

custom Plastic Pop-out RFID Wristbands

Chip Protection and Comfort

  • These wristbands are designed with a combination of hard plastic and soft silicone materials. This design not only ensures the protection of the embedded chip but also guarantees a comfortable wearing experience for the wearer.

Thin and Breathable Band

  • The wristband features a thinner band, which reduces the contact area with the wrist. This design provides better breathability and prevents tightness or discomfort. Whether you are swimming or running, this wristband is suitable for various activities.

Multiple Color Options

  • The wristbands come in a variety of colors. The bright and vibrant color options create a comfortable and pleasant mood for the wearer.

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