QR Code & NFC Business Cards Reviews

Integrating QR codes with NFC business cards for reviews can help address the issue of customers who do not have NFC-enabled smartphones. By including a QR code, you can provide an alternative option for customers to leave reviews on Google without any inconvenience.

Custom printing a personalized QR code is a simple task for us and can be seamlessly incorporated into your business cards. This additional feature does not come with significant costs but ensures that even if your customers forget to bring their NFC-enabled smartphones, they can still choose to scan the QR code and leave a review.

By offering the option of both NFC and QR code, you provide a convenient and inclusive way for all customers to engage with your business and contribute to your Google rating.

custom QR Code & NFC Business Cards Reviews

Product Details:

Type: QR Code & NFC Business Cards Reviews

Size: 85.5*54mm

Chip Type: Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216

Material: PVC

Working temperature: -10°~80°

Application: google review cards, tripadvisor review cards, yelp rating cards, trustpolit review cards, facebook rating cards, whatsapp link cards

Why Choose QR Code & NFC Business Cards Reviews

QR code with NFC google review cards
QR Code & NFC Business Cards Reviews


  • By providing multiple options, such as QR codes and NFC, you cater to a wider range of customer devices and preferences. Some customers may prefer using QR codes, while others may have NFC-enabled devices. This ensures that all customers can easily access the review platform, regardless of their device capabilities.

User-friendly Experience

  • Both QR codes and NFC provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. Scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC-enabled device takes only a few seconds, eliminating the need for manual input or searching for review platforms. This streamlined process encourages more customers to leave reviews, improving your business’s overall rating.

Enhanced Engagement

  • Utilizing both QR codes and NFC can increase customer engagement with your review platform. Some customers may be familiar with QR codes and prefer using them, while others may be intrigued by the convenience of tapping an NFC-enabled device. By offering both options, you create a greater likelihood of customer engagement and participation.

Tracking and Analytics

  • QR codes and NFC tags can be generated with tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the number of scans or taps. This data provides valuable insights into customer engagement, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your review campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

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