125Khz RFID Cards ISO Standard Credit Card Size

Custom 125khz RFID ID cards from your reliable vendor in China, get the competitive wholesale price and customized crafts. 125khz Proximity ID cards are ideal for access control.

125khz rfid card
rfid 125khz cards

Custom 125Khz RFID for Your Business

1. Custom 125Khz proximity cards for access control systems for offices, buildings, and warehouses

2. Management areas in schools and factories, preventing password leaks while ensuring swift operations.  

3. Integration with attendance and door lock systems

4. Supply by system integrators

5. Printing of test cards

6. Company employee identification

7. Public transportation ticketing

Custom RFID ID Cards 125khz Plastic Cards with or without Printing

ZBTECH,the 125khz RFID cards’ factory offers competitive pricing for bulk orders and customization options such as imprinting logos, single-color and full-color printing, as well as personalized printing of UID numbers.

Additionally, there is a choice of different chip models within the 125kHz range. While all are 125kHz, they come in read-only and read-write versions. The TK4100 is read-only, while the T5577 and EM4305 are read-write capable.

Read only contactless identification card, is a CMOS integrated circuit for use in electronic Read Only RF Transponders.

  • 64 bit memory array laser programmable
  • Operating frequency 100 – 150 kHz
  • Logistics automation
  • Anticounterfeiting
  • Access control
  • Industrial transponder
  • ID card
  • Animal tag
  • Read only memory in identify serial number
  • Automatic management
  • Industrial production
  • Work Time Attendance
  • ATA5577C – Read/Write LF RFID IDIC 100 kHz to 150 kHz
  • Contactless Power Supply
  • Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission
  • Radio Frequency fRF from 100 kHz to 150 kHz
  • Basic mode or Extended mode
  • Compatible with T5557, ATA5567
  • Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 Compatibility
  • Total 363 Bits EEPROM Memory: 11 Blocks (32 bits + 1 lock bit): – 7 × 32 bits EEPROM user memory, including 32-bit password memory – 2 × 32 bits for unique ID – 1 × 32-bit Option register in EEPROM to set up the analog front end
rfid blank cards for thermal printing

EM4305 Blank 125Khz RFID Cards

  • 512 bit Read/Write Multi-purpose Contactless Identification Device
  • EM4205/4305 is a CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in electronic Read/Write RF transponders. It is suitable for low-cost solutions like animal tagging applications.
  • 512 bit EEPROM organized in 16 words of 32 bit
  • 32 bit unique identifier (UID)
  • 32 bit Password read and write protection
  • ISO 11784 / 11785 Standard Compliant
  • Lock feature converts EEPROM words into Read Only
  • 100 to 150 kHz frequency range

 – Size: Same size as a credit card, suitable for wallet insertion.

  – Usage: Can be punched for hanging on a keychain or made into a badge to wear on the chest.

clamshell blank cards

Clamshell 125Khz RFID Cards

 – Thickness: Comparatively thicker, allowing for printing of photos without an embedded chip.

  – Flatness: Stays flat without a chip indentation.

ntag213 coin card

125Khz RFID Coin Cards White or Transparent

 – Material: Available in solid or transparent options.

  – Customization: Can be produced in various sizes, compact and lightweight for ease of use.

125khz rfid card

Features of 125Khz RFID Cards

The proximity cards, also known as access cards, operate at a frequency of 125 kHz. When placed near a card reader, they transmit a signal to the access control reader. 

Upon placement, the card’s unique number string is transmitted to the access control panel, where it is validated against approved card numbers (CSN) stored in the internal database.

  • Reading Range: Approximately 2-15 cm for contactless reading.
  • Material: Constructed from PVC to effectively protect the chip, providing durability, stability, and resistance to water and dust.
  • Operating Frequency: Utilizes passive RFID technology at 125 kHz.
  • Operating Temperature: Can function within the range of -20°C to 80°C, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.


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