Custom NFC Ntag215 Cards from Manufacturer China

Ntag215 chip as standard NFC tag ICs are used widely and mass applications, especially custom-made a variety of cards with different sizes, shapes, and printings. 

Custom Ntag 215 NFC cards bulk from the professional manufacturer in China, you can get personalized cards perfectly.

nfc ntag215 cards

Custom Bulk of NFC Ntag215 Cards

Custom Bulk of Ntag215 Smart Cards with or without printing, you have different sizes and crafts to choose from.
NTAG215 EEPROM: 504 bytes user programmable read/write memory.
NFC 215 cards are readable & rewriteable with your NFC mobile based on the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A standard.
Configurable password protection with an optional limit of unsuccessful attempts.
Anti-tearing support for capability container (CC) and lock bits.


Standard ISO NFC 215 Cards

Custom Cr80 standard ISO NFC 215 cards blank or custom printing is available here. Ntag215 IC implanted in the semi-flexible PVC material is durable and waterproof. The credit card size is suitable to insert your wallet. Custom blank NFC 215 or printed cards wholesale, you can choose the glossy, matte, or frosted finished surface.

coin 215 cards

Coin Ntag215 Cards

Custom coin NFC ntag215 cards are the choices of most game lovers, we can custom print a diversity of pictures, images, and infographics as your design. There are different sizes are available, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, etc. You can choose double sides printing or single-side printing with adhesive, anti-metal material can be added if you need work on metal.


Epoxy 215 NFC Cards

Epoxy Ntag215 NFC cards are sturdy and durable, it’s a nice selection of gift cards if you add an elastic string, hang on the keychain or mobile phone, and can treat them as the key to the door for access control. Custom epoxy cards you can make in any shape and size, such as round, square, animals, houses, and cartoons which stand for your brand. Nice looking and cute can help you to leave a deep impression on your customers.

Custom Programmable NFC 215 Cards

Ntag215 NFC PVC cards Structure

contactless card structure

How to transfer data from cards to NFC devices?

  • Contactless energy and data transfer Communication to NTAG215 can be established only when the IC is connected to an antenna. The form and specification of the coil are out of the scope of this document. When NTAG215 is positioned in the RF field, the high-speed RF communication interface allows the transmission of the data with a baud rate of 106 kbit/s.

transfer data

Are NFC Ntag215 Cards security?

  • Manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID for each device
  • Pre-programmed Capability container with one-time programmable bits
  • Field programmable read-only locking function
  • ECC-based originality signature

What’s the function of Ntag 215 NFC tags cards?

  • Game cards: Ntag215 NFC chip with 504 bytes of memory, compatible with amiibo, amiibo cards animal crossing. Make blank or printed.

  • Business cards: Store your contact information and social media in the NFC card, to share with your potential clients at the trade shows, events, or ceremonies by showing this business card, all information will store on their mobile phone.

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing: Using your NFC mobile close to this card instead of typing the password every time, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing in seconds.

  • Voucher and coupons for loyalty or membership cards: Give your customers some favor by distributing this NFC card, which can help you win more repeated orders. Custom company logo to attract fans.

  • Brand authentication: Authenticate your goods, or each item, to guarantee your clients buy the right product and avoid fraud.

  • Call to action: To send a message, or give a call with a tap on this card.

  • Outdoor marketing: Smart advertising to share your brand, social media, and website with a tap. You can also add a QR barcode if your potential clients’ mobile phone does not workable for NFC.


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