Adjustable Slim Silicone RFID Bracelet

This adjustable slim silicone RFID bracelet is made of synthetic silicone, which is smooth and skin-friendly. It is lightweight, breathable, and suitable for various activities such as sports and swimming.

With its sleek and attractive design, it can be worn on any occasion and is adjustable to fit different ages and genders. The lightweight and comfortable RFID wristbands ensure that the wearer doesn’t feel any burden, thereby enhancing your customers’ experience.

Being reusable, this slim silicone RFID wristband can save you a significant amount of expenses for your project. By ordering from ZBTech for custom wholesale silicone RFID bracelets, you can benefit from factory prices and receive high-quality service.

Adjustable Slim Silicone RFID Bracelet
slim silicone adjustable rfid bracelet

Product Details:

Type: Slime Silicone reusable & adjustable RFID wristband

Size: 240mm

Chip Type: LF (125khz), HF (13.56mhz), UHF

Material: Silicone

Working temperature: -10°~80°

Application: Gym, spa, waterpark, stadium

size of slim silicone rfid wristband

Why Choose Slim Silicone Adjustable RFID Wristbands

Slim Silicone Adjustable RFID Wristbands
  • It is sleek and lightweight, aesthetically pleasing without any burden.
  • Its size is adjustable, eliminating the need to customize different dimensions and avoiding excess or insufficient sizes.
  • It can be customized with different frequency chips, compatible with most systems available on the market, ensuring stable and agile read-write operations without demagnetization.
  • It is soft, elastic, non-irritating to the skin, waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, and heat-resistant.

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