Custom RFID Ear Tags for Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs’ Tracking

ZBTech provides all kinds of RFID ear tags for animal tracking, increasing efficiency, and better management. Professional factory guarantees quality and great service.

custom rfid ear tags and readers for animals

Custom RFID Ear Tags for animals with Different Chips and Sizes

RFID ear tags are ideal for animal tracking, both visual and management benefits. The electronic identification tag is the ID card for each livestock, which helps people to recognize and feed. UHF chips allow people to multi-tags reading over a long distance.

UHF Cattle Identification Tags


RFID Cattle Tags Tracking


One-Piece RFID Tag for Sheep


Custom Goat RFID Ear Tags


Custom Button RFID Ear Tags


RFID Button Ear Tags for Pig

Table of Contents

What are EID or RFID ear tags?

  • An EID or RFID ear tag is a small button with or without a number printing tag, embedded with smart chips, LF, or UHF. Can be encoded information and numbers, reprogrammable.
  • Workers daily use an RFID reader to scan the tag to get the number for management and recording, and tracking.

What are the benefits of using RFID ear tags?

  • Benefits include, but are not limited to:
  • EID ear tags provide the other way to track animals in case the bar code or number printed is damaged.
  • Easy to collect the information by an RFID reader, long distance, faster, and no need to get straight of the bar code.
  • Electronic ear tags are durable and waterproof. A chip embedded in the TPU material protected the well from tearing, on rainy days.
  • Well managed by scanning the EID tag instead of numbers, saving huge time and reducing errors.
  • UHF chips and matched reader allows multi-tag read, much more convenient and efficient.
  • RFID chips are reprogrammable, rewritable, and reusable.
  • Work well in hot and cold weather, no matter where you want to use it.

What crafts can be custom make on animal identification tags?

  • Laser printing UID number, bar code, QR barcode, and screen-printing logo.

How does an RFID ear tag work?

  • EID ear tags or RFID animal tags are small “button-like” tags, embedded with a passive RFID chip, a unique number. When the reader is close to the tag, the RFID chip will send a radio wave to the reader for people to identify the cattle, sheep, or pig.

How to settle the EID ear tag to animals?

  • You can use our tools. It’s easy and convenient to use, won’t damage the ear tag and won’t hurt animals.

how to settle the rfid ear tag

Do you have matched RFID ear tag reader?

  • Yes, we have partners to provide you with matched readers, which helps you one-stop purchases here.

Do ear tags hurt animals?

  • No. When animals are young or small, will set the ear tag, which won’t hurt them by using our eco TPU material.

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