Custom 125Khz RFID Tags from China Supplier—ZBTECH

At ZBTECH, we offer customization for a wide range of 125KHz RFID tags, ensuring a low MOQ and competitive factory prices.

125Khz RFID Tags

ZBTECH Offers OEM 125KHz RFID tags for Creating Your Own Components

125KHz RFID tags are used to identify and label individuals or objects, enabling close-range one-to-one reading. They can be customized in various forms, materials, and sizes to suit different needs. Like standard 125khz cards, rugged RFID tags, key fobs, wristbands, cable tags, RFID seals, and animal tags. The LF 125Khz RFID tag range can be around 0-20cm.

clamshell blank cards

Custom 125Khz RFID Cards

Cr80 standard and customizable clamshell options, Capable of being crafted into Cr80 standard cards, identical in size to credit cards, or customized as clamshell cards. Ideal for proximity access control or RFID badges.

125Khz RFID Coin

Custom 125Khz RFID Coins

Circular coins with LF chips can be crafted from white PVC material or transparent clear variants. These coins are laminated, rendering them waterproof and durable. They can be kept blank or customized with a logo according to your preferences.

disposable rfid plastic cable tie tags

Custom 125Khz RFID Cable Tags

Low frequency RFID cable tags can be silk-screen printed or laser printed with logos, serial numbers, QR codes, barcodes, and more. These tags are ideal for transportation identification purposes.

nfc nail tag

Custom 125Khz RFID Nail Tags

A 6*36mm low-frequency RFID nail tag, embedded in ABS material, offers excellent sealing, waterproof, and moisture-proof properties, suitable for tracking and managing trees and household items.

rugged nfc token checkpoint

Custom 125Khz Disc Tags

A 125KHz RFID disc tag designed in a button shape can be adhesive-backed, resistant to metal, and can also be secured using screws. This design is ideal for checkpoint management purposes.

LF 125khz RFID wristbands

Custom 125Khz RFID Wristbands

The silicone wristband embedded with a 125KHz chip is designed for proximity access control and is commonly utilized in hotels, spas, and gyms as a door key. It offers simple and convenient operation, along with being waterproof.


Custom 125Khz RFID Key Fobs

The low-frequency RFID key fob is compact and lightweight, convenient to hang on a keychain, and is utilized for access control, testing, and attendance registration purposes.

Custom RFID Fob Seal

Custom 125Khz RFID Seal

Robust and durable low-frequency RFID seal tags, designed for one-time use, ensure the safety of containers and goods during transportation. They are also suitable for preventing malicious tampering with various meters like electric and water meters.

rfid bin tag

Custom 125Khz RFID Waste Bin Tags

The special design of low-frequency garbage bin tags, with the stable integration of black threading, is suitable for managing the garbage bins and for staff check-ins.

Custom 125Khz Glass Tube Tags

Custom 125Khz Glass Tube Tags

The 125KHz glass tube RFID tags come in a mini size, utilizing environmentally friendly materials. They are injected into the bodies of animals using a syringe for tracking, management, and health monitoring purposes.


Custom 125Khz RFID Animal Tags

Low-frequency animal ear tags are especially crucial for the management of pigs, cattle, and sheep, recording various health indicators through UID numbers. The low-frequency chips remain unaffected by the animals' bodies, ensuring stable and normal operation.

Custom 125Khz RFID Brid Ring

Custom 125Khz RFID Brid Ring

Animal leg ring tags come in different sizes and are used for the convenient and practical management of racing pigeons and poultry. You can choose between EM4305 or TK4100 chips for these tags.

The Benefits of Custom 125Khz RFID Tags

Low Frequency & Passive, No Battery Required

Close-Range One-to-One Anti-Collision Reading

Minimal Interference from Liquids and Metals

Versatile Applications with Enhanced Safety

Chips You Can Choose for 125Khz RFID Tags


  • 64 bit memory array laser programmable
  • Operating frequency 100 – 150 kHz
  • Read only


  • ATA5577C – Read/Write LF RFID IDIC 100 kHz to 150 kHz
  • Total 363 Bits EEPROM Memory: 11 Blocks (32 bits + 1 lock bit): – 7 × 32 bits EEPROM user memory


  • 512 bit Read/Write Multi-purpose Contactless Identification Device
  • 512 bit EEPROM organized in 16 words of 32 bit
  • 32 bit unique identifier (UID)
  • 32 bit Password read and write protection

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