Woven Nylon Plastic ABS RFID Wristbands

The woven nylon ABS RFID wristband is an environmentally-friendly and stylish wristband that combines nylon and ABS materials. The nylon strap is soft and waterproof, while the durable ABS shell provides excellent chip protection.

Whether it’s during hot summers or cold winters, the nylon strap remains crack-free and sturdy, ensuring a longer lifespan. The sleek ABS surface is suitable for silk-screen printing and laser engraving, allowing for customization and commemoration. The wristband is easy to wear and practical, making it both aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

Woven Nylon Plastic ABS RFID Wristbands
custom Woven Nylon Plastic ABS RFID Wristbands

Product Details:

Type: Woven Nylon Plastic ABS RFID Wristbands

Size: 280*37*20mm

Chip Type: LF, HF

Material: nylon, ABS

Colors: black, blue, red

Working temperature: -10°~80°

size of nylon rfid wristbands

Why Choose Woven Nylon Plastic ABS RFID Wristbands

Woven Nylon ABS RFID Wristbands
abs rfid wristbands

Quick-drying and Waterproof

  • The wristbands are made with nylon material, which is known for its quick-drying and waterproof properties. This ensures that the wristbands remain functional even in wet or humid environments. They are also easy to clean, maintaining their performance over time.

Breathable and Durable

  • The wristbands are designed with breathability in mind, allowing air to circulate and prevent discomfort during extended wear. The combination of woven nylon and plastic ABS results in a lightweight and durable wristband that can withstand everyday use. Additionally, they are known for their long lifespan, making them a reliable choice for various applications.

Adjustable Size and Selection of Perforations

  • The wristbands are designed to be adjustable, allowing users to customize the fit for different wrist sizes. They also feature multiple perforations, offering flexibility to accommodate a variety of individuals. This ensures a comfortable fit for different user groups, such as children and adults.

Wide Range of Colors

  • The wristbands come in various colors, providing a diverse selection to suit different preferences or branding needs. The vibrant and rich color options allow for customization and can enhance the visual appeal of the wristbands.

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