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ZBTECH offers a diverse selection of mini RFID tags and stickers in various materials and shapes. These mini RFID tags are designed to be used in situations where space is limited and for tracking the diversity of products.

mini rfid tags

Customize Your RFID Mini Tags for Industrial and General Applications

Customize the smallest RFID tags from ZBTECH for both industrial and common uses. Choose the perfect fit from our versatile range of mini RFID asset tags or opt for a custom-made micro RFID chip tailored to your specific projects. ZBTECH, as an experienced factory, can meet all your requirements.

mini RFID glass tube tags

134.2kHz RFID Mini Glass Tag

The mini glass RFID tags, operating at 134.2kHz, are composed of bio-glass encased in a protective bio-coating, designed to be injected under the subcutaneous tissue of animals using a needle. These tags comply with the ISO11784/785 protocol. The microchip sizes include diameters of 1.25*7mm, 1.4*8mm, 2.12*12mm, 3*13mm, 3*15mm, and 4*30mm. They come in individual packaging, are compact in size, enable precise reading, and feature internationally recognized codes.

mini PPS high temperature resistance RFID Tags

PPS Smallest RFID Tags

The smallest PPS RFID tags, with a diameter of 8mm and a thickness of 5mm, are high-temperature resistant micro-industrial identification tags. They can be embedded in tooling fixtures or even food trays, with a working temperature range of -20° to 150°. Operating at a frequency of 13.56MHz, they utilize the Icode slix chip. These tags are waterproof, moisture-resistant, shockproof, non-toxic, crack-resistant, and have a long lifespan.

PCB small RFID Tags

PCB Miniature RFID Tags

Measuring 8*3mm in size with a thickness of 2mm, these RFID tags utilize ultra-high frequency chips, offering a reading range of up to 70-100cm depending on the reading/writing device and operating environment. Mini RFID tags can be embedded or adhered to various products internally or on surfaces for tracking and management purposes. They can withstand temperatures of around 100°C and work effectively on metal surfaces without the need for additional anti-metal materials. PCB small RFID tags are robust and durable.

Ceramic Mini RFID Tag

Ceramic Mini RFID Tag

The compact and high-temperature resistant ceramic RFID tag can be embedded and installed on metal tools, production line fixtures, vehicles, trays, and various other scenarios. It is suitable for high-temperature applications such as ovens, ultrasonic cleaning, and reflow soldering, with temperatures reaching up to 250°C. Ceramic RFID tags can be manufactured as small as 5*5mm, with a thickness of 3mm. They are embedded in various tools and encapsulated with adhesive.

FPC Micro RFID Tags

FPC Micro RFID Tags

The flexible ultra-high frequency FPC micro RFID tags are crafted in the smallest size of 3*10mm, offering a reading distance of up to 30cm. These tags are commonly used for tracking and anti-counterfeiting purposes, particularly for eyeglasses. The flexibility of these tags ensures they do not damage products. With a back adhesive material, the flexible tags can be securely attached to the surface of objects, and can also incorporate anti-metal materials, allowing them to perform effectively on metal surfaces.

HF Micro NFC RFID Tags

HF Micro NFC RFID Tags

The smallest NFC tags can be as small as 5mm in diameter, with a thickness of around 0.75mm. These tiny NFC tags come with a back adhesive and can be customized with anti-metal features. They are commonly used for electric toothbrushes, Bluetooth speaker pairing, and mini I code sli x RFID tags for jewelry, among other applications. These tags do not compromise the aesthetic appearance of products but work effectively when embedded within the items.

Discover Your Mini RFID Tags from ZBTECH

Customized miniature RFID tags are available in different frequencies: low frequency 125kHz-134kHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, and ultra-high frequency 860-960MHz. Compatible protocols include ISO11785, ISO14443, and ISO18000-6C.

Read Range: Choose from different chips and frequencies based on your desired reading distance, from close proximity up to 30cm, we can provide solutions for all.

Operating Environment: Whether it’s high temperatures, metal interference, or harsh conditions, we have solutions to address these challenges.

custom mini RFID tags

Applications of RFID Mini Tags

smallest rfid tag for tools

China's mini RFID tags for tools

Little chip tools RFID tags are used for various tools, such as tracking medical surgical tools, disinfection records, and management.

nfc tags for bluetooth speaker

Embedded RFID tags for electronic products

High-quality mini RFID tags are essential components in some electric toothbrushes, children’s toys, and important tools for Bluetooth pairing.

micro rfid tags for animal

Micro RFID chips for animals

The smallest RFID chip in glass serves as the identity card for animals, where each ID number represents the identity of an animal and can record vaccine and treatment histories.

Reflow Soldering with smallest rfid tags

Mini RFID for IT asset tracking

The smallest RFID sticker is indispensable for IT asset tracking, anti-counterfeiting, and inventorying, such as RFID tags on computers.


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