Custom ID Cards from ZBTECH—Your Hard Card Solution Provider

We offer custom ID card printing services with options for glossy, matte, or frosted finishes, ensuring top-notch quality. Whether you need standard cards or novelty ID cards, we provide a one-stop service that includes lanyards templates or reels.

custom printing ID cards service

Custom Personalized ID Cards with Your Designs

Custom ID cards printed from ZBTECH, it is possible to print unique details such as names, photos, job titles, contact information, QR codes, barcodes, etc., making it easier for identification and safeguarding against theft and misuse. If information changes frequently or confidentiality is required, you can purchase blank ID cards in bulk from ZBTECH and utilize a thermal printer for quick and convenient printing. Additionally, you can choose holograms for anti-counterfeiting purposes.

Custom ID Card Size, typically standard CR80 size, similar to a credit card, making it convenient to wear around the neck or slip easily into a cardholder or wallet. Easy to carry. Additionally, customizable in size, whether square, rectangular, or custom novelty id cards – we can fulfill all your customization needs.


rfid blank cards for thermal printing

Custom Blank ID Cards

ID blank cards are made from premium PVC material, the card is a pure, non-blueish white color, which to some extent accurately replicates the colors in your design drafts. It is also flexible, making it resistant to breakage. Waterproof, dustproof, and moisture-resistant, ensuring usability in both extremely cold and tropical environments.

custom printed id cards

Custom Printed ID Cards

When selecting to print ID cards, you can design them for single-sided printing, double-sided printing, horizontal orientation, or vertical orientation, including photos, names, and other personalized information. Offset printing ensures vibrant colors that are attractive, appealing, and high-quality.

Why Choose ZBTECH for Your ID Cards


Large capacity with fast and high-quality control using in-house machines


Experience in collaborating with multiple government orders


Capable of assisting in refining designs to avoid production issues


One-stop provision of ID card lanyard, reel, and card coat services

custom id cards

Custom ID Cards with Embedded Chip

RFID ID Cards are embedded with chips, utilizing contactless smart card technology, enhancing their lifespan and ensuring hygiene and health safety. You can opt for ID chips at low frequency with 125kHz or select high-frequency 13.56MHz RFID chips for encrypted processing.

Wearing Options of Custom Printed ID Cards

id card with lanyard

ID Cards with Lanyard

id cards with reel

ID Cards with Reel

ID cards with plastic box

ID Cards with Plastic Box

Custom ID Cards for Various Applications

id cards for trade show

Trade Show Badges / Events / Festivals

These custom ID cards are specifically designed for trade show badges, events, and festivals. They serve as essential tickets and access passes, allowing seamless entry and participation in various gatherings and activities.

Custom Printed PVC ID Cards for Clubs and Spas

Tailored for clubs and spas, these PVC ID cards function as membership cards granting exclusive access to facilities, offering discounts on services, and earning loyalty points for recurring visits. They provide a personalized experience for club and spa members.

custom id cards for employee

Custom Employee/Company ID Cards

These custom plastic ID cards are dedicated to staff members within a company. They play a crucial role in identifying employees and regulating access permissions to different areas within the workplace. Customized with employee details, they enhance security and organizational efficiency.

Custom Medical Photo ID Cards_

Custom Medical Photo ID Cards

Designed for medical purposes, these photo ID cards are vital for storing essential patient or doctor information, tracking medical expenses, and maintaining accurate records of treatments and diagnoses. They streamline medical procedures, improve accuracy, and ensure patient data privacy.

police ID cards

Custom Military/Police ID Name Tag Cards

These specialized ID cards are crafted for military and police personnel. Serving as identification tags, they control access, enhance safety measures, and facilitate record-keeping for security purposes. They are integral for operational efficiency and security management.

school ID cards

Custom Student Lanyard ID Cards for Schools

Targeted at students, these ID cards equipped with lanyards are utilized within educational settings. They provide secure access to school facilities such as libraries, cafeterias, extracurricular events, and organized school trips, ensuring streamlined student management and safety protocols.


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