RFID Access Control Wristbands

Custom RFID wristband access control serves as a pass to enter places such as offices, buildings, schools, libraries, clubs, spas, and certain VIP areas. 

With the management of RFID access control wristbands, these locations become safer.

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ZBTech, The Access Control RFID Wristbands Manufacturer

By ordering a custom bulk of RFID access control wristbands from ZBTech, you not only have the option to customize wristbands that align with your system but also choose a style that suits your corporate culture.

There are disposable options available, such as woven fabric with PVC or wooden tags. Additionally, there are reusable silicone wristbands that are comfortable and stylish, perfect for long-term usage. Furthermore, our range includes plastic access control bracelets that are guaranteed to fulfill your specific requirements.

What you should consider when choose RFID access control wristbands

Usage duration

  • Decide whether the wristbands will be for one-time use or for long-term usage.

Wearer profile

  • Determine whether the wristbands will be worn by adults or children, as this may influence the selection of pattern styles.


  • Consider the intended usage environment, such as normal daily use, water immersion, or high-temperature locations. This information will help in selecting materials that can withstand specific conditions.

Chip compatibility

  • It is crucial to ensure that the RFID wristbands are compatible with your existing system. You need to specify the chip that will work seamlessly with your system.

When providing additional details, such as the specific requirements for each category, it will enable a more precise recommendation for your customized wholesale access control RFID wristbands.


Why use RFID access control wristbands?


Wearing the wristband on the wrist allows for hands-free access. Users can simply bring their wrist close to the card reader for communication, eliminating the need to constantly handle a card.

Reduced risk of loss

Wristbands are less likely to be misplaced compared to RFID access control cards. They don’t need to be kept in pockets or bags and can be easily accessed when needed.

Variety of styles and attractive designs

RFID access control wristbands come in various forms and styles, making them visually appealing. This can enhance the wearer’s enthusiasm and make them more inclined to visit the places where the wristbands are used.

By utilizing RFID access control wristbands, individuals can experience the convenience, security, and visually appealing aspects of this technology for accessing different locations and facilities.  


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