Customize NFC Epoxy Tags from Chinese Supplier ZBTECH

ZBTECH is a professional manufacturing factory specializing in custom printing various NFC epoxy tags, stickers, and hang tags. With a dedicated team, swift responses, and timely deliveries, we aim to provide a pleasant experience for customizing your Epoxy NFC tags.

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Customize NFC Epoxy Tags

Custom resin-coated with a domed design, shaped in a 3D bubble format, offering a glossy and smooth finish that is durable, waterproof, and can be tailored to various shapes such as rounded, squares, or irregular forms. These NFC tags can have adhesive backing with anti-metal materials for working on metal surfaces, or feature double-sided resin coated with a string to serve as keychains or key tags.

Epoxy Table Tags with NFC

Custom-designed with a large size featuring a single-sided epoxy NFC tag, and backed with adhesive suitable for restaurant or office tables. Ideal for marketing, promotions, and NFC menus, these convenient, stylish, and appealing tags can help attract numerous customers to your establishment.

Resin-Coated NFC Stickers for Metal Surfaces

Resin-Coated NFC Stickers for Metal Surfaces

Stick easily onto metal surfaces, you need our resin-coated NFC stickers with anti-metal material, enabling them to function efficiently and rapidly on metal surfaces. For resin stickers, you can have blue, red, or blank NFC labels printed for epoxy applications.

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Epoxy NFC Hang Tag

Custom epoxy NFC hang tags featuring resin coating on both sides, suitable for hanging on keychains, bags, or smartphones. These tags can be encoded with social media URLs for promotion or marketing, and can also be used to store personal information as digital business cards. Additionally, they can serve as access control keys for doors.

Buy Bulk Custom Epoxy Tags from ZBTECH

If you need to purchase epoxy NFC tags in bulk from ZBTECH, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, saving you time and cost. Their experienced team can help you mitigate risks and potential mistakes from the outset. The epoxy NFC tags factory will ensure that every detail is taken care of, guaranteeing that each NFC tag surface is free of bubbles and has complete coverage.

NFC Epoxy Tag Mold
custom NFC epoxy Tags

Features of Epoxy NFC Tags

Single-sided: 2.5mm with 3M adhesive & anti-metal
Double-sided: 3.5mm

Durable, waterproof, suitable for outdoor use

NFC Chips: Commonly used chips include Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices

Customize NFC epoxy tags with your artwork in AI, PDF format

NFC Epoxy Tags Ideas & Uses

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Window & Wall Decals NFC Epoxy Stickers

These glossy NFC epoxy stickers are ideal for use on windows or walls. You can encode them with website URLs or social media links for promotion or marketing purposes.

Luggage Tags NFC Epoxy Tag

Luggage Tags NFC Epoxy Tag

These tags feature an NFC chip with resin coating and can be printed with QR codes. They are designed to hang on luggage or bags, serving as name tags that can be encoded with your contact information to help prevent loss.

Enhance Customer Service with Custom NFC PET Tags

Pet ID Tags NFC Epoxy Tag

Pet ID tags with NFC chip and logo, epoxy-coated for durability, waterproof, and dustproof, ensuring that it remains unaffected even when pets are taken outdoors.


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