RFID Access Cards for Control

RFID access cards are ideal for control is the key to the door without contact. Safety, faster, and easy to operate.

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Types of RFID Access Cards

Custom types of RFID access cards with personalized printing, for single side or double sides, single color or full color. Blank access cards can add serial numbers.

RFID access cards including

  • 125khz Proximity RFID access cards
  • 13.56mhz HF RFID access cards
  • Smart access key cards
  • RFID access card with magnetic stripe

Card size:

Cr80 ISO standard size 85.5*54mm


New White PVC


Offset printing, screen printing, digital printing for one side or double sides


Glossy, matte, frosted


Encryption, print serial number, barcode, hole

Custom Printed RFID Access Cards

Table of Contents

What are RFID access control cards?

  • These cards contain an RFID chip and matched antenna, work frequency with 125khz or 13.56mhz, proximity, and near field. Different chips have different memory to store information, used for access control and keep safe.

How to program RFID access control cards?

  • Program RFID access control cards are according to the function and chip:
    For read-only chips like TK4100, no need to program, matched reader to get the UID number.
  • Read & write chip including 125khz RFID cards, 13.56mhz cards, what you need prepare are matched reader, customized software for the function.
  • RFID access card programming is a specialist job, you can request the card manufacturer pre-encoded, and you provide a data list.

How to identify access card type?

From frequency:

  • 125khz proximity cards
  • 13.56mhz smart access cards

From function:

  • The key to the door is only for the identified person
  • Attendance & access control to the building
  • Access & membership card
  • Access & advertising card

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