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ZBTECH - Your Reliable RFID Tag Key Fob Manufacturer

Customize bulk RFID key fobs for your clients; ZBTECH is your one-stop supplier

Choose chips that match your system for the key fob, providing a complete service for your customers

Custom wholesale key fobs with RFID chips printed with company logos for building access control, keeping your company safe.

Custom RFID Fobs with Diverse Types & Personalized Designs from Chinese Supplier—ZBTECH

What is an RFID Key Fob? An RFID key fob entails an RFID chip encased in a keychain, utilizing a microchip for data storage, along with an antenna for receiving and transmitting data, commonly employed for tasks like attendance tracking, access control, and identity verification.

RFID key fobs are compact and lightweight, easily attachable to your keychain without any hassle. Furthermore, you can customize them by incorporating logos, numbers, or text for branding purposes. Using ultrasonic technology, complete sealing ensures the waterproof capability of RFID key fobs.

Opting for bulk orders of customized RFID key fob tags for your business proves to be a cost-effective, secure, and prompt solution. ZBTECH offers RFID key access fobs numbered 1-3 to cater to your needs. Programming key fob is also workable here.

No.1 Square RFID Key Fob

The rectangular shape of the No.1 Square RFID Key Fob provides a larger surface area, allowing for the inclusion of a larger coil—whether circular or square—enabling an extended reading range. 

With its spacious aperture design, it also allows for the replacement of the keychain or mobile strap. The textured surface features raised lines, enhancing the tactile experience and providing a non-slip grip.


  • Dimensions: 44*31mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Chip Frequency: LF, HF

No2. Drop Shape RFID Blue Eye Key Fob

The drop-shaped RFID key fob is a commonly used style, featuring a compact and convenient size with rounded edges to prevent hand abrasions during use. Its thickness provides excellent chip protection against damage.

One side showcases a geometric design with a matte finish and some glossy accents, enhancing its tactile appeal. The other side includes a small space suitable for coding.


  • Size: 33*29mm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Chip Frequency: LF, HF

No3. Flat Type RFID Key Fob

The flat-style RFID key fob tags offer ample space for customization. With a smooth surface, you can silk-screen logos, laser print text, numbers, and more, enhancing the uniqueness of your key fob tags and effectively promoting your brand. This design is ideal for bulk customization for companies.


  • Size: 40*31mm
  • Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Chip Frequency: LF, HF

RFID Key Fobs Frequency & Epoxy Material You Can Choose

125khz rfid key fob

125khz rfid key fob

Normal used chips: TK4100, T5577

13.56mhz HF RFID Key Fob

13.56mhz HF RFID Key Fob

Normal used chips: 1K, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216

Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

Transparent Epoxy Resin RFID Key Fob

The resin-coated RFID key fob features visible coils, providing a novel and appealing design

The Components of RFID Key Tag Fobs

High-Quality and Environmentally Friendly Shell

A: The shell is constructed from durable and sturdy ABS material, ensuring quality and environmental sustainability.

B: Two Stainless Steel Key Rings: Equipped with two stainless steel key rings for secure attachment.

C: Thickened Copper Coil: The RFID key fob features a thickened copper coil, providing robust and enduring performance.

D: Authentic Chips for Stability: Genuine chips are employed to ensure stability and enable multiple read-write operations.

Resin Encapsulation: The chip and coil are securely encapsulated with resin, ensuring stable performance.

Components of RFID Key Fobs

Why Choose ZBTECH as Your Custom RFID Key Fob Supplier

why choose us

From raw materials to finished products, stringent quality checks are implemented at every stage:

  • Pre-production: We meticulously select stable material suppliers to ensure the quality of our products from the source.
  • During production: Utilizing fully automatic production and testing equipment to enhance production efficiency while guaranteeing product quality.
  • Post-production: Rigorous manual quality checks are conducted to prevent substandard products from entering the market.

Strong Production Capabilities to Meet Customer Deadlines:

  • Our multiple production lines and equipment operate around the clock to ensure timely delivery.

Professional Service Team:

  • We provide comprehensive support from the initial inquiry to the receipt of your order, offering you peace of mind throughout the process.
  • Our proficient staff members are dedicated to providing tailored RFID product solutions, saving you time and money, allowing you to focus more on market development, with us as your reliable support system.

Applications of RFID Key Fob Tags

Apartment Building Access Control

Apartment Building Gym Fob Access Control

Enables secure and efficient entry and exit management without the need for manual password input or security personnel identification.

Plastic Hotel RFID Fobs

Apartment Building Access Plastic Hotel RFID Fobs

Facilitate elevator access management, Spa and pool area supervision, ensuring the safety and freedom of hotel guests.

RFID Key Fobs for Schools

RFID Key Fobs for Schools

Facilitate student attendance tracking, teacher attendance monitoring, and efficient management of staff attendance.

Gym Access Fobs

RFID Key Fobs for Schools

Enable effective management of sports facilities, gyms, and access to various equipment rooms through RFID gym fobs.


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