Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label

Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label is a product offered by ZBTech. By purchasing it wholesale, you can benefit from factory direct prices and personalized customization options, including various colors. Each zip tie comes with serial numbers or UID printed on them, making them ideal for tracking and identification purposes.

The square label has dimensions of 53*53mm, providing ample space for printing your logo or company name. Made from durable ABS material, the label is resistant to scratches. The nylon string allows easy attachment of the tagging cable tie to objects.

Additionally, the square cable tie with label is designed to be movable. Even if you decide to change the nylon string, the RFID cable label can still be utilized.

square cable tie with label
Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label

Product Details:

Type: Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label

Size: 53*53mm

Chip Type: UHF, HF

Material: ABS, nylon

Working temperature: -10°~80° 

Features: Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and heat-resistant

Why Choose Custom Square RFID Cable Tie with Label

square rfid cable tie with label

Firstly, it offers a large printable area, allowing your logo and company name to be more prominently displayed. This helps to enhance your brand recognition.

Secondly, the cable tie with tag is designed to be easily identifiable. It has a long reading distance, ensuring that it can be read and recognized from a distance.

Lastly, this RFID cable tie is reusable. You only need to replace the string, without having to change the chip, which helps to save costs for your projects.


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