Custom China RFID Fob Seals

Custom China RFID Fob seal is a specialized tag designed for security tracking and protection. It is made by combining ABS and stainless-steel materials, and it features a lock-in mode that can be easily secured with a pull, ensuring both durability and convenience. The steel wire rope used in this seal is resistant to breakage and rust, making it ideal for use in harsh environments while effectively functioning as an RFID fob seal.

Within the e Seal RFID system, this seal can be encapsulated with either high frequency or ultra-high frequency technology. Additionally, it can be effectively sealed using ultrasonic waves, providing excellent waterproof, dustproof, and vibration-resistant capabilities.

China RFID Fob Seal
Custom China RFID Fob Seals

Product Details:

Type: Custom China RFID Fob Seals

Size: 36*42*4mm

Chip Type: UHF, HF

Material: ABS, Stainless steel

Working temperature: -30°~85° 

Features: Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and heat-resistant

Why Choose China RFID Fob Seal

Custom RFID Fob Seal


  • This seal is made from a combination of ABS and stainless-steel materials, which ensures its strength and durability. It is designed to withstand extreme hot and cold weather conditions and is resistant to breakage.


  • The RFID fob seal provides enhanced security for tracking and protection purposes. It features a lock-in mode that can be easily secured with a pull, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to tamper with or remove.


  • The seal is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy application. It offers a convenient and efficient solution for security tracking and protection needs.

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