Rewritable T5577 RFID Card 125khz

ZBTECH is a prominent custom RFID T5577 cards manufacturer in China, specializing in providing wholesale options for both blank T5577 cards and custom printed cards featuring logos. 

These T5577 cards adhere to the ISO Cr80 standard and are crafted from durable white PVC material, ensuring sturdiness and waterproof qualities.

Custom Wholesale T5577 Cards from Manufacturer--ZBTECH

For businesses requiring proximity access control solutions, ZBTECH offers a range of custom wholesale T5577 cards tailored to meet these specific needs. With over 15 years of experience in custom RFID card production, ZBTECH ensures the quality and durability of your brand new PVC T5577 cards through rigorous quality control measures. Whether utilized for access control purposes or serving as keys for hotel locks, these cards are designed to reliably secure access.

Customers looking to procure T5577 cards in bulk from ZBTECH are presented with several options. You can opt for blank T5577 cards, customized RFID cards embedded with T5577 chips, or the robust clamshell read & write T5577 card, catering to a variety of access control requirements.


T5577 Read and Write Blank Card

The thin smart ISO T5577 RFID cards operate at a low frequency of 125Khz, allowing them to be both read and written to. These cards are designed to make it simple to print UID numbers for testing purposes or identification needs, offering a versatile and convenient solution for various applications.


Clamshell T5577 Chip Implant Card

Contactless clamshell T5577 cards are resistant to scratches, with one side suitable for spraying UID numbers and the other side suitable for printing photos. They are designed with a flat hole, allowing them to be hung with a lanyard as a name badge or conference badge.


Custom Printed Logo RFID T5577 Card

Custom printed T5577 cards with logos or graphics are a crucial way to enhance your brand. We will ensure that your cards are smooth and chip-mark free, with vibrant colors that reflect a high-quality texture. You can program for hotel key cards and transponder cards.

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