Custom RFID Laundry Tags from China Supplier ZBTech

Custom RFID laundry tags from the manufacturer in China, competitive wholesale price, and quality guaranteed. Helping to track garments, uniforms, and expensive costumes and lines. Improving efficiency and keeping track of each item’s lifespan.

custom rfid laundry tags
rfid laundry tag

Improve Your Business with Waterproof RFID Laundry Tags

  • Manage hotel beddings, towels, and curtains efficiently
  • Track towels and robes in fitness and spa centers
  • Ensure hospitals monitor wash and disinfection cycles
  • Prevent theft and loss in rental companies and commercial laundry facilities

High-Quality Washable RFID Laundry Tags from ZBTech, Your Premier Factory

ZBTech offers lightweight RFID laundry tags that are discreet and gentle on tracked items, suitable for diverse environments. Available in multiple sizes, these tags are versatile and ideal for various industries.

Our custom bulk options include waterproof garment RFID tags with different sizes and embedded chips, tailored to be rugged, soft, flexible, or compact.

ZBTech, as a professional Chinese factory specializing in RFID laundry tags, offers a wide range of materials, sizes, and chip options, serving as your one-stop solution for all your procurement needs.

Empower your business with ZBTech’s top-notch washable RFID laundry tags, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Bulk of RFID Tag Laundry from ZBTECH

The material diversity of RFID laundry tags includes PPS for rigid tags, suitable for items like bed sheets, towels, and uniforms requiring compact yet robust tags for close-range reading and anti-collision. 

Silicone for flexible tags, soft, durable, with rapid post-compression recovery.

Woven fabric tags offering various sizes, softness, lightweight characteristics, long reading range, and sewability.

These material variations allow for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements in laundry management for different types of textiles and items.

rfid silicone laundry tags

Custom UHF Waterproof Silicone RFID Laundry Tags

The UHF Waterproof Silicone RFID Laundry Tags are designed with a durable silicone encapsulation material that exhibits stable chemical properties.

UHF silicone reusable cable laundry tag

Reusable & Adjustable Silicone RFID Cable Washable Tags

Introducing our innovative solution – custom reusable and adjustable silicone RFID tags specially designed for washing cables. With these tags, you can easily hang them on your clothes or curtains, regardless of the size of the items.

UHF RFID Silicone Cable Laundry Tags

UHF RFID Silicone Cable Laundry Tags

Custom RFID silicone laundry cable tags are designed with built-in ultra-high frequency chips and resemble the style of RFID cables, allowing for repeated use. The flexible and smooth silicone material ensures that the tags do not scratch or damage clothing, bed sheets, curtains, and other items during the cleaning process.


Custom UHF Nylon RFID Laundry Tags

These custom UHF nylon RFID laundry tags offer a soft and flexible design, making them ideal for various applications. With an embedded ultra-high frequency (UHF) chip and a matching flexible antenna, these tags can be easily sewn onto clothing or bedding items.

Custom PPS RFID Laundry Tags with a Big Hole

Custom PPS RFID Laundry Tags with a Big Hole

These custom PPS RFID laundry tags are ingeniously crafted with a sizable hole, facilitating effortless attachment to clothing or beddings. Thanks to the robust PPS material, the RFID chip enclosed within remains impeccably shielded despite undergoing multiple wash cycles.

pps laundry tag

Small Button RFID Laundry Tags

The small button-shaped RFID laundry tags are crafted from double-sided PPS material, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to high temperatures. These tags have a sleek, smooth, and compact design, making them easy to affix onto garments, bedsheets, or bedcovers.

Why Use RFID Laundry Tags

Accurately identify and track textiles

Enhancing Laundry Operations Efficiency

Seamlessly fixed to fabrics

High read performance and extended reading range

Durable and flexible tag structure for extended lifespan

Anti-counterfeiting capabilities for improved efficiency in tracking

Specifications of RFID Laundry Tags

  • The IP68-rated RFID tags are not only waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof but also resistant to acids, alkalis, and chemicals, capable of withstanding pressures up to 60 bars. 
  • These RFID tags in clothing have an impressive temperature resistance range, from -25°C to 110°C, ensuring they can withstand various environmental conditions.
  • Capable of enduring pressure and being recycled around 110-130 times, these RFID tags prove to be durable and cost-effective.
  • The reading distance of these RFID tags varies depending on size and chipset; UHF tags with larger sizes can achieve a reading distance of 3-5 meters, while smaller tags can reach 1-2 meters based on the working environment and reader power.
how to tag on clothing

How to attach the RFID Washing Tag to the Garments

  • Sewn On: No matter for PPS round RFID washing tags with two holes like the button or woven washable laundry tags are easy to sew on.
  • Heat Sealed: It’s easy to heat the RFID textile tag on the side of lines, garments, and clothes.
  • Inside a Pouch: Put the small machine washable RFID tags inside the pouch, sew the fabric and keep the tag inside.

RFID Laundry Tags Applications

Utilizing RFID laundry tags for tracking  in these various sectors optimizes operations, enhances tracking capabilities, improves inventory management, and ultimately contributes to a more streamlined and efficient workflow. 

hotel use rfid laundry tags

Hotel Usage

Hotels can benefit from using RFID laundry tags in clothing to track the lifespan and recycling of linens like bed sheets, towels, and curtains. This helps in reducing replacement cycles by providing clear usage data for each item.

hospital sheet with laundry tags

Hospital Usage

Hospitals can utilize RFID laundry tags to track bedsheets and hospital garments, ensuring they undergo proper cleaning and disinfection. This practice ensures hygiene standards and safety protocols are met.

rfid laundry tags for washing

Rental Companies and Commercial Laundries

Custom washable RFID laundry tags are valuable tools for rental companies and commercial laundries. They aid in tracking belongings and monitoring the washing process, effectively preventing mix-ups, theft, and loss.

Spas_ laundry tracking

Fitness Centers and Spas

RFID laundry tags are essential for fitness centers and spas to maintain real-time clarity in cleanliness, disinfection, and inventory management. This ensures sufficient stock, especially during peak periods like holidays, to prevent shortages and maintain a high standard of service.

Textile Industry laundry tracking

Textile Industry

The textile industry greatly benefits from using RFID laundry tags due to the large quantity of items involved. These tags improve production, inventory, and logistics management, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor-intensive tasks.

What’s the reader for clothing RFID tags?

  • NFC chip: NFC reader or NFC embedded smartphone
  • UHF chip: hand-hold UHF reader or fixed reader

The benefits of using custom washable RFID laundry tags?

  • Efficiency, UHF RFID Laundry tags are full-automatic collecting, sorting, checking, and sending clothes, improving the efficiency and reducing the error rate.
  • Labor cost saving, reduce manual operation, easy to use. Save time and money.
  • Can be traced back, every process is recorded, and you can check the items under which process.
  • Anti-theft, keep people from taking goods from hotels.
  • Small size won’t bring any troubles.
  • Waterproof withstand voltage, heatproof, and alkali resistance allows laundry tags to work well.
  • Reusable save much cost even in washing, drying, ironing, and pressing.
  • Multi-tags can be read in seconds in a long distance with UHF chips, saving time.
  • Improve your client’s experience, and avoid mistakes by using RFID on clothes.

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