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ZBTech, is a professional custom RFID waste bin tag factory in China, provide durable, sensitive with different chips RFID bin tags at competitive price.

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ZBTech—RFID Waste Bin Tags Manufacturer

RFID smart waste bin tags are management tag for garbage bins, playing a crucial monitoring role in the collection, transportation, and tracking management of garbage trucks. They ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information through data collection and automated transmission. Electronic bin tags behave like an identity card for the garbage bin, possessing a unique UID number, enabling smarter environmental sanitation.

As a professional manufacturer of custom RFID waste bin tags, ZBTech can provide you with low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high-frequency RFID waste bin tags. We can also customize different colors and sizes according to your requirements. Please contact us for further assistance.

Features of Bin Tag

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PA+Epoxy resin




TK4100, T5577, Ntag213, Fudan 1K, R6, M4


Black, Green, Orange

Advantages of RFID Waste Bin Tag

Easy Installation

The threaded design of RFID smart bin tags allows for easy twisting into the fixed position of the garbage bin, reducing the risk of falling out.

Lasting Durability

Constructed from PA6 material and injected with sealant, RFID bin tags are waterproof, moisture-resistant, and shockproof, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Stable and Sensitive Chip

By using branded chips and injecting them with protective black sealant, the RFID bin tags are resistant to damage and maintain their sensitivity.

Lightweight and Compact

RFID bin tags are small and lightweight, adding no extra burden to the garbage bin or transportation process.

Why Choose ZBTECH

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Strictly QC

From material inspection, production process control, to functionality testing, we provide you perfect finished items, waterproof, durable and sensitive.

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R&D in House

In-house R&D allows for tailored solutions to meet specific organizational requirements, resulting in RFID bin tags that are optimized for the intended application and environment.

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Whether it’s laser engraving the UID code or screen printing the logo, we can customize RFID waste bin tags tailored to your project.


rfid waste bin tag application

RRFID Tags for Waste Bins

Waste Collection Optimization: RFID tags facilitate efficient waste collection routes by providing real-time information on the fill-level of bins, enabling optimized collection schedules and routes.

Worm RFID Tags for Warehouse

Asset Tracking: worm RFID tags help in the tracking and management of items in warehouse, ensuring they are not lost or misplaced, and aiding in inventory management.

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