Custom RFID Attendance Card Easy to Track Your Employees & Students

Custom bulk of RFID attendance cards from card maker ZBTech in China, with personalized printing, guarantee the quality with QC for every step, from material selection to finished card testing, making sure all are workable.

custom rfid attendance card

Custom RFID Attendance Cards with Standard Size

Custom-printed RFID card for attendance with ISO standard size, 85.5*54mm, and round corners won’t hurt anyone. You can select different chips like HF 1K card, a TK4100 proximity ID card, and a clamshell blank card with or without the serial number. The matched lanyard can be more convenient.


Clamshell Blank Card with Serial Number Printing

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Custom RFID Attendance Cards for Different Industry

  • RFID attendance card in school: The management of students’ attendance is a very important key link to strengthening the management of students, maintaining the normal teaching discipline and order of the school, and ensuring that the school’s various teaching tasks can be successfully implemented and completed. Disciplinary management of students is a very necessary means to restrain students’ daily study and behavior.

  • RFID attendance card in hospital: For hospitals, it is indeed necessary to implement an attendance check-in system. Because every nurse and doctor are responsible for the patient, this is also the glorious mission of the nurse and doctor. If you are a little late or leave early, the patient cannot get a 100% guarantee for treatment. The attendance system not only helps the daily management of the hospital but also plays a good role in supervising and urging nurses and doctors to stick to their posts.

  • RFID attendance card in hotel:
    1) Strictly abide by the work and rest time, and employees must attend attendance. Managers above the manager level of the hotel department must swipe the electronic IC card, and the rest must be reported to the general manager’s office 1 day in advance.
    2) Employees who go to and from get off work are required to punch in and out of the hotel every time they enter and leave the hotel. At the same time, each department designates a special person to be responsible for the job attendance of the department and makes a written sign-in record.

  • RFID attendance card in office:
    1) Attendance punching the most critical part of the attendance system is punching in and out of getting off work. There are many ways to punch in, which are used in different scenarios.
    2) Shift management is also the core function of the attendance system because many companies use multiple shifts to improve production and equipment utilization.
    3) Leave attendance management the attendance system supports functions such as holiday management, time off management, leave management, supplementary shift management, card supplementary approval, and other functions. Enterprises can flexibly arrange vacations and working hours according to their conditions, attendance data will not be affected by statutory holidays, and there will be no data on absenteeism and absenteeism due to employees forgetting to clock in.
    4) Employee information management is the basis of the attendance system. The basic information, positions, and shifts of each employee will be recorded in it, and the final attendance information will be associated with the employee information to form a complete attendance system.

  • RFID attendance card in conference:

    1) Delegates only need to wear legal cards on their bodies, no need to actively swipe their cards. The system automatically identifies, collects, and records relevant personnel information through the open channel meeting check-in machine, and the participants sign in without feeling;
    2) The recognition speed is extremely fast, Up to 400 people/min, to solve the congestion phenomenon such as swiping card check-in;
    3) Anti-trailing function: when illegal personnel follows legal personnel to pass through the channel, the system will alarm;
    4) Illegal user alarm function: when illegal personnel passes through the channel without a card, the channel will alarm. An audible and visual alarm will sound. It can effectively prevent the entry of illegal personnel, and also prevent the participants from going out without registration.

The advantages of using RFID attendance cards

  • Faster
  • Suitable for management
  • Traceable
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Cost-effective

What is the MOQ of the RFID attendance card?

  • MOQ: 500pcs

What kind of information you can print on the RFID attendance cards?

  • We can custom print as your design file, full color, single color, or with photos, names, phone numbers, and serial numbers.

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