Custom Anti-Metal NFC Tags for Application On-Metal

NFC tags not working on metal?
Our specialized on-metal NFC tags offer a solution to this limitation.
These personalized NFC tags, designed with ferrite material, provide a faster and more stable performance when applied on metal surfaces.

custom nfc tags on metal

ZBTECH’s On-metal NFC Tags Offer Significant Benefits for Businesses

  • The development of Anti-Metal NFC Tags benefits various industries.
  • Solves the issue of NFC tags not working on metal surfaces or tracking metal products.
  • Enhances work efficiency and accuracy.
  • Allows a wider range of customers to enjoy the advantages of Anti-Metal NFC Tags.

Custom NFC Anti-Metal Tags from ZBTECH

Expand Your Options Here! For cost-effective solutions, the NFC inlay anti-metal sticker stands out as your top pick. For highlighting your brand, you can also opt for printed on-metal NFC stickers or durable PVC anti-metal cards available in various shapes and sizes.


NFC Anti-Metal Inlay Stickers

This is a simple and practical anti-metal NFC sticker, composed of wet inlay and ferrite materials, allowing easy removal and application on any metal surface. The NFC chip enables quick response for reading and writing.


Printed On-Metal NFC Stickers

Custom printed on-metal NFC stickers not only showcase your brand logo but also provide anti-metal functionality, seamlessly integrating marketing and function.


On-Metal NFC PVC Cards

Want to adhere PVC cards to metal surfaces and ensure smooth operation? Don't miss out on our custom printed laminated anti-metal NFC PVC cards, creating a unique experience. They can be plain white or color printed.

If you need waterproof, dustproof, temperature-resistant, or outdoor-ready NFC tags, the following three types of anti-metal NFC tags will meet your requirements:


Bubble Sticker NFC Anti-Metal Tags

Bubble sticker NFC anti-metal tags feature a drip epoxy coating on the surface of the PVC card, enhancing the durability and waterproofing of the NFC tag. The surface is scratch-resistant and aesthetically pleasing.


Anti-Metal FPC NFC Tag Stickers

The anti-metal FPC NFC tag stickers are a flexible option, offering waterproof and high-temperature resistance. They can be manufactured with a minimum size of 5mm, making them suitable for embedding in various components. We reinforce the design to ensure chip stability.

Rugged Checkpoint NFC Tags with Ferrite

Rugged Checkpoint NFC Tags with Ferrite

For outdoor or factory use, the rugged ABS NFC tags with anti-metal material are an excellent choice. Whether affixed or installed with screws, these checkpoint NFC tags perform reliably.

Why Buy ZBTECH's On-Metal NFC Tags?

First, we are a Chinese manufacturer, so you can get our factory prices.

We have a professional team to solve problems for you and provide suggestions.

We procure high-quality anti-metal materials to ensure that your on-metal NFC tags remain stable on metal surfaces, work repeatedly, and maintain a certain reading distance.

Here, you can customize anti-metal tags of different styles, materials, sizes, and shapes. No matter the application field, we can find good solutions for you.

ferrite material

NFC Antenna Cannot Work on Metal, but Work with Anti-metal Material

The effect of metal on the NFC reader’s field includes reflection and shielding. Reflection causes reading voids, while shielding reduces the read rate.

Uses of On-Metal NFC Tags

Custom on-metal NFC tags wholesale from ZBTECH. These tags are incredibly versatile and have various practical applications. Here are some potential uses:

Industrial Equipment Tracking

Industrial Equipment Tracking

NFC anti-metal tags are able to resist external environments, they can be seamlessly applied to metal machinery and equipment for tracking and monitoring purposes.

Electronics and Circuit Boards

Electronics and Circuit Boards

These custom anti metal NFC tags can be utilized in the electronics industry for tracking and identification of electronic products and circuit boards.

Metal Components and Tools_

Metal Components and Tools

NFC tag anti metal applied to metal parts, tools, or machinery for asset tracking, maintenance records, and usage history.

Medical Instruments

Medical Instruments

On-metal NFC tags can be used to track and manage surgical instruments, ensuring proper sterilization and maintenance procedures.

Abrasives and Cutting Tools_

Abrasives and Cutting Tools

In the manufacturing sector, these NFC tags on metal surface can be affixed to abrasives and cutting tools, facilitating inventory management and tool tracking.

Household Appliances

Household Appliances

Best anti-metal NFC tags are also useful for inventory and maintenance tracking of household appliances, especially those with metal components.


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