Custom RFID Prepaid Cards are Chargemaster

Custom RFID prepaid cards are safe, convenient, easy to use, and ideal for shoppers and owners to manage.

QC for every card & steps

Factory-direct wholesale price

Custom-made personalized printing

rfid prepaid cards
custom rfid prepaid cards

Custom Printed RFID Prepaid Cards

Chargemaster RFID cards are widely used in different industries, normally using HF 13.56mhz cards like NFC chips or 1K S50 chips, ultralight for tickets. Different chips with different memory stores information. Also, can be encrypted to keep RFID prepaid cards safe.

Plastic RFID prepaid cards are durable, waterproof, and reusable, ISO standard size is suitable to insert a wallet. Contactless technology is faster and multi-functional.

Contactless RFID cards can make your design simple, without a barcode, magnetic stripe, or signature panel, but work well. Keep the card holders’ privacy but help card owners advertise.

Card size:

Cr80 ISO standard size 85.5*54mm


New White PVC


Offset printing, screen printing, digital printing for one side or double sides


Glossy, matte, frosted


Encryption, print serial number, barcode, hole

Custom Printed RFID Access Cards

Table of Contents

Where to buy RFID prepaid cards?

  • Custom RFID prepaid cards in bulk, ZBTech is your best choice. A variety of chips for you to choose from, additional crafts, and encryption are available here.

Why custom RFID prepaid cards for your business?

  • Keep a long-time relationship with your clients: give them some discount or points change for gifts by charging prepaid.
  • Attract repeated orders: with money in your account, they will back definitely.
  • Advertising: custom printed RFID prepaid cards with your logo strengthen your brand awareness.
  • Easy to manage: RFID prepaid-based system helps you manage your business in an easy way, convenient and safe.

Who uses RFID-based prepaid cards?

  • RFID-based prepaid card for canteen management system: students and employees use RFID prepaid cards for their meals with a tap.
  • Clubs & gyms: many clubs and gyms combined membership cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards with prepaid cards, and multi-functional RFID cards to bring a better experience.
  • Waterpark & spa: waterpark and spa are not convenient for clients to make consumptions by cash, prepaid cards or wristbands play an important role.
  • Water & power prepaid system: RFID prepaid cards are essential for credentials to pre-charge their water & power system.

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