Custom RFID Nail Tags for Trees, Wood, and Pallets Identification

ZBTECH, a China-based RFID nail tag manufacturer, provides LF, HF, and UHF RFID tree nail tags. These tags come in a variety of sizes and chips to meet your diverse needs. Custom options for engraving and logo printing are also available.


Custom Nail Tree Tags from Manufacturer ZBTech

The nail-shaped RFID tags made from durable ABS material are waterproof and moisture-resistant, making them suitable for various applications such as trees, wooden products like furniture, and pallets. These RFID tags are used in logistics and inventory management for tracking and identification purposes.

Versatile Use: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, these RFID lumber tags are resistant to rust, even in humid conditions, and comply with IP68 waterproof standards.

Common Chips: The frequently used chips for RFID tree tags include TK4100, Classic 1K, Ntag213, and U8, with an operational temperature range of -20° to 85°.

Reading distance:
LF: 125khz RFID nail tag 0-1cm
HF: 13.56mhz NFC nails tree identification tag 0-3cm
UHF: 860-960mhz UHF RFID nails 0-30cm

nfc nail tag

RFID Tree Nail Tags

Size: 6*36mm Chip: TK4100, Icode, Ntag213

rfid tree nail tags

RFID Nail Tags

Size: 10*40mm, Chip: UHF, Ntag213

nfc nail tags

NFC Nail Tags

Size: 28*41mm, Chip: UHF, Ntag213, F08

rfid nail tags

Using Ultrasonic Sealing Technology for RFID Nail Tags

We employ ultrasonic sealing technology, which merges ABS materials through the application of pressure and heat, ensuring that RFID tree tracking tags function normally even in humid environments. 

If you need customized tree ID tags in special sizes and shapes, we can create custom molds to meet your requirements.

Why Custom Nail Tree Tag with RFID Chip Enable?

Information Collect Easy

Information collection becomes easy, promoting the selection of superior trees and the elimination of inferior trees

Asset Tracking & Management

Asset tracking and process management become more efficient, reducing errors and streamlining operations

More Access with NFC Mobile

NFC mobile phones allow anyone to access information about the trees with clarity, allowing for easy identification

Details Encoding

Recording capabilities that enable the encoding of any information desired, including URL, name, ages, security inspection


Tracking abilities that allow factories and manufacturers to monitor item sources and optimize management processes

Nail-Shaped Convenient

Small size that is difficult to detect, while the nail design ensures that there is no harm to the tree

How to Install RFID Nail Tree ID Tags and Manage

RFID Nail Tags Applications

rfid nail tags for pallet

China RFID Nail Tags for Logistics and Inventory Tracking

Box, carton, asset, item, and pallet tracking (excluding metal), door tag tracking. The small size of the nail tag won’t affect the appearance or functionality of the pallet and prevents loss or theft of valuable assets. 

rfid tree tag identification

RFID Tree Nail Tags for Identification and Name Tags

Ideal for the electronic identification of ancient and famous trees, fruit trees, and gardens, enabling easy and efficient tracking and management. 


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