Custom NFC Token Wholesale from Factory China

Custom NFC tokens wholesale are made of durable material for indoor or outdoor uses, work well in a harsh environment, and are waterproof. Add anti-metal material layer helps tokens workable on metal.

custom NFC tokens

Custom Bulk of Heavy-duty NFC Tokens

NFC tokens are multi-functional and widely used in every industry, custom sizes and thicknesses are available here, any material like PPS, epoxy, transparent and white PVC. Custom bulk of NFC tokens from ZBTech, get competitive wholesale price. 

NFC tokens are compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones, without the need to install or download any software.  

nfc coin card

Blank Coin NFC Token Tags

Custom blank coin NFC token tags with the sizes of 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 50mm diameter, ideal for games like Amiibo animal cards, or study tokens.

nfc token with ahesive

Printed Coin NFC Token with Adhesive

Custom printing NFC token with adhesive or anti-metal layer to work better on the metal surface. Printed logo and company name great for brand building.

transparent token nfc

Transparent NFC Token in Round Shape

Transparent NFC tokens in round shape with the feature of see-through, allow people to see clearly the structure of the NFC chip and antenna.

rugged nfc token checkpoint

Rugged NFC Token Checkpoints

Rugged NFC token checkpoints are durable and reusable, you can add adhesive or an on-metal layer, it’s a great way to check on work attendance.

PPS laundry nfc token

PPS Laundry NFC Token

Heavy-duty PPS laundry NFC token with two holes, ideal to sew on the clothing for tracking. It’s small, round, washable, and reusable.

PPS heavy duty laundry nfc token

PPS Heavy-duty Laundry NFC Token

The black small round heavy-duty laundry token is rugged, durable, and waterproof, you can use it for laundry tracking or other industrial application.

nfc PCB token


The NFC PCB token is robust and durable, capable of withstanding high temperatures. The stable and enduring chip is resistant to damage, even when implanted in other materials, reducing the risk of breakage.

nfc loop PCB token

PCB NFC Loop Token

Designing the PCB NFC token in a loop shape allows for easy insertion into various cylindrical tools and enables it to be backed with adhesive, making it resistant to metal.

NFC Token Sheet

Grid NFC Token Sheet

The grid NFC token sheet can be custom-designed to accommodate the desired quantity, and its surface can be laminated with printing materials for use in kitchens, smart homes, gaming, or menus.

Select the Right Chip for Your NFC Tokens


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 144 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 504 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Custom NFC Security Tokens for Different Uses

nfc token game

Custom NFC Token For Games

You can print with a variety of pictures, and images, and encoded different numbers according to the rule of the game.

nfc token for attendance

Custom NFC Token For Attendance Checkpoint

Use NFC checkpoint token instead of paper writing, can collect the information correctly and is not easy to change.

Rugged NFC Laundry Token Tags

Sewing NFC laundry token on the clothes for tracking or bedsheet, get the exact data of how many times have been washed.

NFC Token helps build a smart home

NFC Token Helps Build a Smart Home

Stick NFC tokens on each item or every corner of your home to encode commands like connect the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or give a call to your family.

nfc token for The guider of travelling

Using NFC Token for Guider of Travelling

Encoding the URL of the website to introduce the famous things, food, and recommed hotels.

nfc token for marketing

NFC Tokens for E-marketing Outside

Attract more fans to stick NFC tokens on the elevator, bus stations, and supermarket, with a tap, your potential clients can get connect with your social media or receive your updates.


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