Custom RFID Loyalty Key Cards Epoxy with String

If you want a highly convenient and portable option for your RFID loyalty cards, then our RFID loyalty key cards are the perfect solution. Available in small sizes, these cards can be easily attached to keychains, handbags, or other personal items, ensuring that your customers have access to their loyalty information on the go.

At ZBTech, we offer custom-made RFID loyalty key cards in a range of shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can choose the configuration that best suits your needs. To protect your cards from wear and tear, we can also add an epoxy coating, making them durable and reusable for long periods.

Our RFID loyalty key cards offer advanced RFID technology built-in, allowing customers to easily access their loyalty information with just a tap. This feature provides a hassle-free and effortless experience for your customers, enhancing their overall loyalty experience.

We offer bulk purchases at competitive prices to provide excellent value and savings for your business. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, we can provide you with high-quality RFID loyalty key cards that meet your unique needs.


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