Custom Wearable NFC Laundry Tags for Clothing

We recommend our custom wearable NFC laundry tags, perfect for clothing tracking, identification and inventory monitoring. These double-sided PPS round shape laundry tags meet the requirement of machine washing and are durable enough to be washed again and again, at least 100 times. Additionally, our NFC clothing tags are small, waterproof with an IP68 rating and have an embedded chip. They can be easily interacted with any NFC smartphone when close to the tag.

By using these NFC laundry tags, you can effectively track your assets, and implement anti-counterfeiting measures and security protocols to prevent counterfeit products or labels from being produced or distributed. These tags are also great for building a stronger connection with your clients and enhancing your marketing strategy. So, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us today to learn more about our reliable, high-quality NFC laundry tags for your brand.


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