Custom NFC Wristbands from Manufacturer in China

NFC wristbands are growing in popularity, whether they are used for events, festivals, spas, swimming pools, or concerts, these NFC bracelets play a significant role.

custom nfc wristbands

Easy to apply

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ZBTech, The Professional NFC Wristbands Manufacturer

ZBTech is a manufacturer of NFC wristbands, producing and selling directly to provide you with the most favorable prices and sincere service. Each step of the NFC wristband production process is subjected to quality inspections to ensure high quality. This guarantees worry-free after-sales and hassle-free usage.

The operating frequency of NFC wristbands is 13.56MHz, and commonly used chips include Ntag213, Ntag215, and Ntag216, which support the NDEF format. They are very user-friendly, as users can simply download an NFC tool on their smartphones for reading and writing purposes. Additionally, they can automatically open website links for writing or sharing.

NFC chip wristbands are not restricted by the human body, as they can only read one data at a time and require close proximity, making them highly secure against counterfeiting. NFC bracelets can be presented in various forms, such as paper wristbands, plastic NFC wristbands, silicone NFC bracelets, or customizable options.

rfid oval face silicone wristband

NFC Silicone Wristbands

PVC fabric RFID wristband

NFC Fabric / Woven Wristbands

paper nfc wristband

Custom NFC Tyvek Wristbands

pvc rfid wristbands

NFC PVC Wristbands


Adjustable NFC Silicone Wristband

polyester Elastic Woven Fabric RFID Wristbands

NFC Stretch Woven Bracelets

Adjustable Slim Silicone RFID Bracelet

NFC Slim Adjustable Wristbands


Soft PVC NFC Wristbands

Recycled Wooden Smart Cards RFID Wristbands

Wooden NFC Wristbands

NFC Chips for Custom NFC Tag Wristbands









Chip Series

Type 2

Type 2

Type 2

User Memory

144 Bytes

504 Bytes

888 Bytes


136 Chars

488 Chars

872 Chars





NFC Wristbands Uses

fast read of watch style silicone rfid wristband

NFC Wristbands for Access Control

NFC wristbands providing a convenient and efficient way for people to enter a venue or building. Users simply need to tap their smartphones on the wristband to gain access.

rfid wristbands for events

NFC Wristbands for Events

NFC wristbands for events can serve as electronic tickets, providing convenience and efficiency without the need for queuing.

nfc business card

NFC Bracelet Business Card

NFC bracelet business card eliminates the need to carry thousands of paper business cards. Simply tap your client’s NFC-enabled phone to store your information.

nfc strap

NFC Bracelet for Payment

NFC bracelets for payment can be used for cashless payments, Google Pay, and member transactions.

rfid festival wristbands

NFC Bracelet for Festival

NFC bracelets for festivals can integrate with online and offline experiences, as well as social media.

custom PVC Patient RFID Wristband

NFC Patient Wristband

NFC patient bracelets track and store personal information to prevent errors.


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