Custom Instagram NFC Tags with Personalized Printing

Boosting your Instagram following has never been easier with custom Instagram NFC tags. You can order NFC Instagram tags in bulk and place them on your store’s doors, tables, or near the cash register to allow your customers or potential clients to keep up with your Instagram page. 

With just one tap, they can instantly follow you without downloading an app, leading to increased repeat customers and orders.

Our NFC Instagram tags are made of durable PVC material that is perfect for printing your logo, design, or QR code with vivid and bright colors. These tags are waterproof and scratch-resistant, thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. 3M adhesive makes our Instagram NFC tags even more secure, making them resistant to wear and tear. We also offer anti-metal material for your Instagram NFC tags, making them work seamlessly even when placed on metal surfaces such as doors or tabletops.

With years of industry experience and a commitment to quality customer service, we assure you of a reliable and quick delivery of your customized NFC Instagram tags. Choose our services and enjoy the convenience and endless possibilities of our NFC Instagram tags.


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