Custom Personalized NFC Key Fobs from Manufacturer in China

ZBTech provides a diversity of NFC  key tags & fobs with different material, sizes, and shapes. With keychain or string.

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Custom Bulk of NFC Key Fobs with Different Material

At ZBTech, we offer a diverse range of custom NFC key tags for your convenience. Personalize your key fobs to suit your needs and embrace a smarter lifestyle.

Our custom NFC key fobs are perfect for identification and access control, whether it’s for opening doors or accessing your apartment.

Here you have a variety of NFC key fob styles to choose from. You can also print logos to enhance your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Custom Plastic NFC Key Fobs with Keychain

custom nfc keyfobs

Custom Teardrop NFC Key Fobs

Custom plastic NFC key fob with double king ring, teardrop, screen printing for simple or single logo is workable.

custom plastic nfc keyfob

Custom Cute Oval NFC Key Fobs

Custom oval shaped key fob with NFC chip, make something special and different. Cute and lovely is a nice choice for students.

custom keyfob with serial number printing

Custom NFC Key Fobs with Laser Printing

Custom key fobs embedded with NFC chip, easy to access the door. Light weighed and budget-friendly, hard ABS is durable.

Custom Epoxy NFC Key Fobs with String

custom epoxy nfc key fobs

Custom Epoxy NFC Key Tags

Custom NFC key tags in different shapes and sizes, with epoxy material coated, protect the NFC chip in a better way.

custom printing nfc key fobs

Custom Round Epoxy NFC Key Fobs

Custom round epoxy NFC key fobs you can custom print company logo, brand name, and graphics to promote your brand.

custom keyfob with QR barcode printing

Custom NFC Key Fob with QR Bar Code

Custom print QR bar code on the back of the epoxy NFC key tag is a normal craft, epoxy can protect bar code last for a long time.

Other Material for NFC Tags & Key Fobs You Can Choose from ZBTech

custom leather nfc keyfob

Custom Leather NFC Keychain Tags

Leather NFC keychain tags look lunxury with a special touch feeling, custom bulk of key fob for apartment or employees, do not forget to engrave the company logo.

nfc key cards

Custom Printed PVC Key Cards

PVC key cards with a size of 28.5*54mm, round corner never hurt your finger. Mini key fob is light weighted won't bring too much burden to hang on the keychain.

epoxy nfc keyfob with metal

Custom Epoxy NFC Keyfob with Metal

Epoxy NFC keyfob with metal material protected around, it's rugged and high-level. Scratch-resistant, waterproof, special and unique.

custom printed wood nfc keyfob

Custom Wood NFC Key Fobs with Laser Printing

Wood key fobs is a new design, there is no exact the same texture on the surface, but it's doesn't stop you from making a personalized craft.

transparent nfc keyfob with keychain

Custom Transparent NFC Key Tags with Keychain

Custom transparent NFC key tags with keychain, thanks to the seamless integration of this access solution, use it in a rainy day is no problem.

transparent nfc keyfob with string

Teardrop Clear NFC Key Tags with String

Teardrop clear NFC key tags, you have the choice to select the string, it's soft and elastic, good for children to carry it.

Custom NFC Key Fobs with Different Chips


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 144 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 504 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Custom printed on NFC Fobs

We offer various printing methods to suit your needs, including screen printing for single or simple colors, offset and thermal printing, as well as digital printing for full colors. Additionally, we provide variable printing options for text, QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, or progressive numbering.

NFC Key Fob Uses

  • NFC key fobs for access control: perfect for door keys, apartment entry, and building access
  • NFC fobs can be utilized as loyalty NFC tags
  • Custom NFC key tags are excellent for marketing and advertising purposes
  • Ideal for person identification or as NFC key fob business cards
  • NFC dog tags for pet tracking and collar ID tags

Custom NFC Key Fobs & Tags

What’s kind of information can be encoded or program in the NFC key tags?

  • You can import the contact info as an NFC business card
  • Links, your website or register landing page or any page you want to promote
  • Wi-Fi, set the Wi-Fi with password, share it with a tap instead of enter the password
  • Bluetooth, connect with the earphone or speaker in seconds, say goodbye to find out and waiting to connect
  • Email, tap the tag, and you can write an email to what you want to send it out
  • Telephone number, encode the telephone number, with a tap, give a call to the one you are missing
  • Geo location, launch application, plain text or SMS, NFC tags can meet all your requests.

How to read NFC chip Fobs?

  •  NFC enabled mobile phone (iPhone & Android) and NFC readers are workable.

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