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Custom bulk of different types of NFC smart tags from China factory, you have a variety of choice at cheap wholesale price. Reduce your cost and increase efficiency, enjoy the smart life.

custom nfc tags
custom nfc tags

ZBTECH,Your Reliable & Trustworthy Custom NFC Tags Factory

We have observed the widespread application of NFC tags across various industries, assisting in marketing, promotions, and overall business growth.

Have you been unable to find an NFC tag suitable for your industry? Perhaps the standard NFC tags do not meet your dimensional requirements. Alternatively, do you need tags that can withstand high temperatures, are waterproof, or can be used on metal surfaces?

You don’t need to worry. If you are here today, we are confident that we can customize an NFC tag specifically for your brand.

Custom Types of Wholesale NFC Smart Tags

Custom NFC tags have no limitations on packaging methods. They can be laminated into cards, encapsulated in ABS shells, and molded into various shapes, whether circular, square, or custom-made. They can even be implanted in silicone material. Of course, you can also directly use PET inlays.

NFC tags come in a wide range of sizes, from 5*5mm micro NFC tags to 140*120mm NFC stands, all of which we can customize for you.

Additionally, NFC tags are printable. You can print logos, text, or numbers on them, and even customize NFC tags with QR codes. Our minimum order quantity is small, ensuring fast production, and we also maintain regular stock availability. Samples for testing purposes are available upon request.

We specialize in customizing various types of NFC chip tags, allowing you to tailor them to any size and shape. You can choose from materials like ABS, silicone, epoxy, PPS, or any other material you prefer. These materials are eco-friendly, durable, and non-toxic

Custom Bulk of NFC Tags


Custom Printed NFC Epoxy Cards

Custom printed NFC expoxy cards in bulk, with epoxy material covered on the surface, glossy and sturdy, scratches-resistance and waterproof. With the craft of adhesive or anti-metal material, or add extra strings, you can sticker on the metal or on the back of mobile phone, it still workable.

nfc bubble tag

Custom NFC Bubble Tags

Custom bubble NFC tags with adhesive or anti-metal material ideal for assets tracking. It's waterproof and durable, scratches resistant, and oil resistant, which can protect the chip and antenna inside better.

nfc token with ahesive

Custom NFC Token Tags

Custom printing NFC token with adhesive or anti-metal layer to work better on the metal surface. Printed logo and company name great for brand building.


Custom NFC Chip Card Printing Square

Custom square NFC card with personalized printing, company logo, graphics, text, or serial number. Custom a hole can be used as NFC keychain, or promotional membership cards, loyalty cards. Square NFC printing cards can be stand out in the crowd.

round mini fpc nfc tag

Custom Smallest NFC Tags

Custom tiny micro FPC NFC tags with ntag213, ntag215, ntag216, and M1 chips for different applications. Super small sizes with the advantage of being flexible, it’s a great way to customize a diversity of NFC products.

nfc nail tag

Custom NFC Nail Tags

Custom NFC nail tag is designed for tree and wood tracking, insert the tree to make records of every years' information. Small size not easy to find and destory it. Waterproof suitable work outside.

nfc cable tag

Custom NFC Cable Tags

Custom NFC cable tags with small and large size, suitable for cable and container tracking. Custom print bar code or QR barcode is available here.

Custom RFID Fob Seal

Custom NFC Seal Tags

The custom NFC seal tags are durable and robust, and the steel wire rope lock is not easily damaged. They are designed for one-time use and are suitable for asset management and tracking of logistics goods.

nfc wristband

Custom NFC Wristbands

Custom NFC silicone wristband is the essential to the waterpark or gyms, wear on the hand to avoid missing when swimming in the pool or do some sports.

PPS laundry nfc token

Custom Wearable NFC Laundry Tags for Clothing

We recommend our custom wearable NFC laundry tags, perfect for clothing tracking, identification and inventory monitoring. These double-sided PPS round shape laundry tags meet the requirement of machine washing and are durable enough to be washed again and again, at least 100 times.

custom Acrylic Google Review Business Stand Cards

Custom NFC Google Stand

Convenient and user-friendly, PVC / acrylic Google review business stand cards are not only eco-friendly but also have a long lifespan, are water-resistant, and do not fade or wear easily. You can now customize a bulk order of these cards for your restaurants, hotels, shops, or supermarkets.

nfc key fob

Custom NFC Keyfobs

Custom NFC keyfob is a great way to the access system. Tap and go without touch, keep safe and easy to operate. Custom logo is workable to promote your brand.

rugged nfc token checkpoint

Custom NFC Rugged Disc Tags

Introducing our fully waterproof and durable rugged NFC tags made of heavy-duty ABS material, which is sturdy and ideal for use in industrial and outdoor settings.

antenna small sizes

Custom NFC Antenna Coil

Custom-designed RFID antenna coil, ZBTech, the experienced NFC antenna supplier, will provide you with the most suitable and workable antenna from small size to large size.

NFC jewlery tag

Get Custom Quotation Custom 213 NFC Jewelry Tags

Introducing our custom Ntag213 or compatible chip specifically designed for managing jewelry. With a special die-cut shape that is tailored for rings, necklaces, and bracelets

custom clear wet inlay

Clear Wet NFC Inlay

NFC inlay is made of PET material, the basic form of an NFC sticker, which is thin, budget-friendly, and can be stuck on the items to track, custom bulk NFC inlay from the manufacturer, you have different sizes to select.

blank nfc sticker

Blank NFC Sticker

A blank NFC sticker is a flexible and thin label, without any printing, people can be used anywhere for tracking and recording. You can choose whether paper or PVC surface according to your working environments.

custom printed nfc sticker

Printed NFC Sticker

Custom printed NFC sticker with your company logo or graphics, available in different sizes, and shapes. Buy a roll of NFC stickers, it’s a great way to promote your business and brand, for exchange information or advertising.

The Benefits of Custom NFC Tags for Your Business

Enhanced Engagements

NFC tags help to increase user engagement by providing interactive experiences.

Improved Operational Efficiency

NFC Tags contribute to more efficient operations and streamlined data management.

Personalization and Entertainment

NFC tags offer opportunities for personalization and entertainment, enhancing the customer experience.

Simplicity and Convenience

NFC tags provide a simple and convenient way to access information and services.

Anti-Counterfeiting and Identification

NFC tags serve as a tool for anti-counterfeiting measures and efficient identification processes.

Simplified Access Control

NFC tags simplify access control mechanisms, making them more secure and user-friendly.

Custom NFC Tags with Different NFC Chips


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 144 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 504 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A


Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

Desfire® 2k Ev1

Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 2 kB NV-Memory Standard: ISO/IEC 14443-4 NFC supported Read

Icode® Slix

Frequency: 13.56 MHz Memory: 1024 bits, organized in 32 blocks of 4 bytes each Standard: ISO/IEC 15693 NFC supported Read

Ultralight® C

Frequency: 13.56 MHz Data integrity of 16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding,
7 byte serial number (cascade level 2 according to ISO/IEC 14443-3)

ZBTech Custom Personalized NFC Tags Wholesale

ZBTech do OEM and ODM NFC tags in different types, printed or blank, flexible NFC smart tags or rugged tags, you can get all covered here.

Shop bulk of NFC chip tags from ZBTech with confidence, we do QC every step to guarantee the quality and workable.

ZBTech is your one-stop NFC supplier for diversity of NFC tags, save your time and money. We can make suggestions if you detailed discribe the application of NFC smart tags.

Custom NFC Tags with Logo and Personalization from ZBTECH

ZBTECH offers a wide selection of over a hundred molds, saving you time and tooling costs. Whether you are customizing for your own company or for your clients, feel free to contact us.

The frequency of NFC tags is 13.56mhz, and depending on the size and the power of the card reader, it can provide secure data transmission within a distance of 0-10cm.

The prices of NFC tags range from USD 0.1 to USD 2, depending on the volume, material, dimensions, durability, chip type, and quantity.

We’ve got your NFC Tag requirements covered!

What’s kind of information can program in NFC tags?

nfc tags encoding information
  • You can import the contact info as an NFC business card
  • Links, your website or register landing page or any page you want to promote
  • Wi-Fi, set the Wi-Fi with password, share it with a tap instead of enter the password
  • Bluetooth, connect with the earphone or speaker in seconds, say goodbye to find out and waiting to connect
  • Email, tap the tag, and you can write an email to what you want to send it out
  • Telephone number, encode the telephone number, with a tap, give a call to the one you are missing
  • Geo location, launch application, plain text or SMS, NFC tags can meet all your requests.

Applications of Custom NFC Tags

custom nfc tags for retails

Custom NFC Tags for Retails

  • Inventory Management: Used for tracking products and managing stock levels efficiently.
  • Product Authentication: Helps in verifying product authenticity to prevent counterfeiting.
  • Smart Packaging: Enhances customer engagement through interactive packaging experiences.
  • Marketing and Customer Experience: Enables promotions, review ratings, and personalized experiences to elevate customer satisfaction in industries like cosmetics, wine, and jewelry.
Custom NFC Tags for Event Planners_

Custom NFC Tags for Event Planners

  • Ticket Sales: Facilitates ticketing processes and controls access to events.
  • Attendee Engagement: Enhances participant interaction and engagement during conferences, exhibitions, and festivals.
  • Brand Promotion: Utilizes NFC wristbands printed with logos for better brand visibility and improved attendee experience.
Custom NFC Tags for Educational Institutions_

Custom NFC Tags for Educational Institutions

  • Student Identification: Manages student identification cards for campus access and security.
  • Interactive Learning: Enhances learning experiences through interactive methods and applications in libraries, labs, and classrooms.
  • Access Control: Facilitates access control in facilities like libraries, laboratories, and computer rooms for improved security and convenience.
Custom NFC Tags for Hospitality Industry_

Custom NFC Tags for Hospitality Industry

  • Hotel Key Cards: Utilized for room access and keyless entry systems in hotels.
  • Loyalty Programs: Enhances customer loyalty programs through personalized experiences.
  • Personalized Guest Experience: Enhances personalized services and experiences for guests using NFC wristbands and cards, providing access to amenities such as swimming pools, saunas, and gyms.

FAQs of Custom NFC Tags

Near field communication tag with a microchip and designed antenna, with a frequency of 13.56mhz, can be read by NFC devices like NFC mobile phones, or NFC readers. The NFC chip tag can be shaped in different sizes, shapes, covered by a variety of materials. NFC tags are always passive.

Select the right NFC tag which suitable for your project, the chip, material, and size. Custom print company logo or keep it blank. According to the material, we will use laminate, ultrasonic, laser printing, etc.

There are different printing methods: Screen printing for single or simple colors, offset, and thermal printing, digital printing for full colors. Laser variable printing for text, QR code, barcode, serial or progressive number.

ZBTech is the professional NFC company in China, you can custom bulk of NFC smart tags here with company logo and personalized information and pre-encoded.

NFC enabled mobile phone and NFC readers are workable. iPhone or Android NFC enabled.


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