Custom 125khz RFID Wristbands from China Supplier

125kHz RFID wristbands are highly versatile and widely compatible with various systems and devices. They are available with both read-only and read & writable chip options, allowing for personalized use.

LF 125khz RFID wristbands




ZBTech, The 125khz RFID Bracelets / Wristbands Manufacturer

If you require custom bulk orders of LF 125kHz RFID plastic wristbands, ZBTech, a reputable manufacturer in China, offers a wide range of personalized RFID bracelets to meet your needs.

For those seeking 125kHz RFID silicone wristbands or woven bracelets, whether for access control or door key purposes, there are options available. These wristbands can be either one-time use or reusable and are designed to be waterproof. Additionally, they can be logo printed, adding a nice touch to their appearance.

Consider these factors when choosing a 125kHz RFID wristband, and explore the options provided by ZBTech for personalized and reliable solutions.

What kind of chip you can choose for LF 125khz RFID plastic wristband?

For LF 125kHz RFID plastic wristbands, there are several chip options available. Two common choices are:

  1. TK4100: This chip is read-only and suitable for basic identification purposes. It offers a proximity reading distance of around 0-2cm, depending on the reader power and environmental factors. TK4100 chips are commonly used in applications such as attendance tracking, identification, time clocks, and tracking.
  2. T5577: This chip supports both read and write functionality, making it suitable for applications like hotel keys where read and write capabilities are necessary. Similar to the TK4100, the T5577 chip has a proximity reading distance of around 0-2cm and is often used in access control systems and identification purposes.

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