Custom RFID Tags for Pallets from China Factory

Custom RFID tags for pallets with a variety of selections to install on the pallets, improve the efficiency and get accurate data, and reduce errors. Buy RFID tags wholesale from ZBTech, and save your time and money.


Custom Different Types of Pallets Identification Tags

ZBTech, your reliable RFID pallets tags with a variety of options and chips, professional teams to suggest the right but not the expensive RFID tags for your projects. Fast turnaround, samples avaliable for testing.

UHF sticker for pallets

UHF RFID Sticker

UHF RFID stickers are the most cost-effective, easy-to-use tag, printable for barcode and serial numbers, any shape and size can be customized. You can stick each sides of the pallet for tracking in an easy way.


UHF Anti-metal RFID Tags

RFID anti-metal tags with a UHF chip embedded allow long-distance reading, you can choose with or without anti-metal material according to your material. Adhesive or fixed by screw as you need.



PCB RFID tags are durable and high-temperature resistant, suitable for some harsh environments and transportation. Screw fixed is security. Can be reused on the pallet, no matter inside or outside, these PCB RFID tags are waterproof.

nfc nail tags

RFID Nail Tags

RFID nail tags you have options of HF and UHF for choice, UHF nail tag with reading distance at around 30cm according to your reader power, HF nail tags suitable for near filed reading. Drill a hole on the wooden pallet, then put the nail tag in for management and tracking.

rugged nfc token checkpoint

RFID Rugged Tags

RFID rugged tags with screw or adhesive to fix, NFC chip provided, you can read or write by an NFC mobile phone. Stick or screw on the surface of pallet, for one-time use or reusable. Laser printing is avaliable with serial number.


Asset Management RFID Tags

Asset management RFID tags with different sizes, embedded with a UHF chip, choose the right size according to your requested reading distance and place to set. Stick or screw on the side of pallet, easy to get the data with handhold or fixed UHF reader.

Table of Contents

What are RFID Pallets Tags?

  • All pallets are equipped with passive UHF RFID tags on each side of the pallet to make sure the reader can get the information no matter how you set the pallet. Meeting the GS1 EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard

rfid tags for pallets

How much of the RFID pallet tag cost?

  • The cost of tags depends on the type of RFID tag you choose, chipset embedded, or any other personalized crafts are needed. What’s more, quantity is an important factor.

Can RFID tags for pallets be reprogrammed?

  • Yes, except for some LF ID chips only for the UID number, most HF and UHF chips can be rewritable. This helps you save much cost and no need to replace these RFID tags on the pallets every time.

Can RFID tags work inside metal?

  • Radio frequency identification cannot pass through metal. Please pay attention to your working environment to make sure no metal shelves or material in the front of RFID tags.

The benefits of using RFID tags for pallets:

  • Passive RFID tags for pallets no need to worry about the power
  • Automatic when loading in the container or warehouse
  • To track the items timely and accurately, reduce error
  • Improve the usability and traceability of the inventory
  • Knowing the whole process time makes it efficiency
  • RFID pallets are reusable and program to save cost
  • RFID pallets played an important role in food, medicine tracking, and tracing to the source
  • Getting the details without opening the cartons

How do RFID tags for pallets work?

  • Attach the RFID tags on the sides of the pallets, and encode information to the tag, when these pallets enter the warehouse, a fixed UHF reader stands on each side to collect the information from the RFID tags.
  • Or using the handhold reader to scan the RFID pallets to find the items quickly.

How to install RFID tags for pallets?

  • According to the RFID tag you choose, UHF stickers with adhesive, it’s easy to stick on the pallet.
  • Rugged and PCB RFID tags can use adhesive and screw.

RFID Tags for Pallets

  • Get accurate data timely of the inventory
  • Multi tags can be read in seconds, processed at an extremely high speed
  • Durable, waterproof, scratches resistant, and harsh environment work well
  • Reusable and reprogram for RFID pallets tags
  • Store much information

Bar Code for Pallets

  • Cost a lot of time to get the bar code number
  • Scans the bar code one by one, requires a direct line of sight
  • Cannot workable with scratches and stains or get wet
  • One-time use
  • Only get a number

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